Thursday, 23 April 2009

Back To Old School

It's a national holiday today! Not just any holiday but the celebration of Children's Day.
It was first celebrated on April 23 since 1935 in Turkey. I was really delighted when Tolga told me about the history of this day.

In the beginning, it was known as the "23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day" because Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (the highly respected and beloved founder of the Turkish Republic) dedicated April 23 to the children of the country to emphasize that they are the future of the new nation. UNICEF later recognised it as International Children's Day but many countries which mark theirs on different dates.

Hahahahahahaa and I took this opportunity to go shopping! :)

I've been observing the local fashion. I like it. I blend in easily except for the big popo (Turkish=butt). Turkish women generally have wide hips. Not very tall, in fact majority are vertically-challenged. Here's where I fit right in. Everybody wears sneakers here. Sneakers are synonymous with sports shoes, athletic shoes, trainers, running shoes, etc. Common footwear brands are NIKE, Adidas, Converse (a lot of them, in every different colour), Puma.. well, you know the list of them. Most of the girls are clad in sporty outfits so they look really good with sneakers and sweat pants.

Remember I said hardly anyone wears skinny jeans.

That's because they have prosperous bottoms to go around with. They'd be upset when they can't pull them up no more, according to my boyfriend.. I guess it's a lot more comfortable considering Istanbul has cobblestones and hills for grounds. Nowadays I even feel like changing my entire collection of denim.

So finally, after much sneakers-hunting.. I got myself a pretty pair of Converse All-Star!!!

I'm sooo happy!

I'm soooo happy!

I'm soooooo happy!

Aaaaahhhh.. the sleek and shiny black shoebox

I'm celebrating originality too! Only not with Adidas LOL

Say Hellooooooo to my Chuck's! :) :) :)

A pair of peach-white codename AS DBL TNG Plaid Ox

Hahahaahaa mine's framed red in this picture :)
(from Wikipedia on the origins of Converse All-Stars)

Brings back good memories. My first pair of Converse was skater shoes and that was like more than 10 years ago!
I remember it was velvet and dark blue in colour.. bulky too. Aaahhh.. flat foot fashion. Canvas and rubber. Back to old school. Wooooohooooo!

Seems like I got a nice present in conjuction with a..

Happy Children's Day!*

*semi-proof of me not exactly a grown up yet LOL


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in a way u celebrate the occasion too albeit in a diff manner hehe

YannMay said...

the peachy converse looks soooooooo cute!!!! =D

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Sooooooooooo peachy, right! LOL