Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Independent Morning

After 2 days of Tolga's Mum being my chaperone, I went to work by myself today LOL

Both my routine and route has been really easy. Wake up at 7am. Out of the house at 730am. Before 8am at the Metro station (4 Levent) and by 820am I'm already checked in, saying Merhaba to everyone at my department!

I'm looking left, right, up and down when I walk towards the hospital. Everything seems to be very interesting to look at. Most shops are closed except for cafes and restaurants which serve breakfasts. Hahahahaha soon I'm just going to turn a blind eye. Before I do, I snapped pictures along my way this morning.

Here they are. Come, see what I saw! :)

Going underground.. this is the Metro station closest to where I live

Hehehee I've got this Touch-N-Go concept kind of Metro pass and it's called Akbil

Quite lovely Metro trains, huhh!

I can't escape from Russia!
A huge advertisement of Bolshoi Theatre troupe performing on 17/18/19 April in Istanbul

Rather dull-looking path with banks and offices..

So far, I think the city's pretty safe. The only funny habit the locals have is lock sight at something that interests them. They will just look and look. Males and females alike. Until the extend to come to a halt to watch and satisfy their curiosities (in extreme situation). Hehehee even Tolga says that Turkish people are generally very nosy.

Fresh and fully-filled newspapers on the racks

Sandwiches with salami/cheese/white cheese/egg and tomatoes
All for 1TL which is approx. RM2.20

The pastry shopkeeper obviously isn't a morning person!

One of the smaller mosque on the district

My favourite picture ;)
An indication for my life right now but which one? LOL

Walk/Do Not Turn Right/Red light meaning Stop. Is it telling me to go straight ahead with plans and path to my future? Or should I just stick to what I'm doing and not go astray anymore anytime soon? Could it just be a reminder that I should just wait and see? If that's the case.. I'll be seeing these signs for a while :P

That's me.. walking by the many clothes store!

This is the side-street which I turn into.. always crowded, lined with kebab houses and pharmacies

Entrance gate of Şişli Etfal Hastanesi (security guard also not a morning person LOL)

Wikipedia has a short article of
Etfal Hospital Clock Tower..
which I think I should help expand it since it's actually quite historical!

Taken on the bridge outside my department

I'm really happy to be here. My colleagues are very, very nice. They speak English and Turkish to me, try their best to help me overcome the language barrier and being in Internal Medicine, it kinda gets me back in touch with proper medical line instead of what I was doing before as an Ordinatura. Everything is has changed. Feels different too. For better or worse, I am very positive. I hope my good luck reaches my beloved friends across the sea, Down Under.

So next time I could give you a tour or two more, perhaps INSIDE the hospital :)


JayneAi said...

the pastry shopkeeper looked reminds me of not a morning person looking forward to see the inside of the hospital you're working at:)
YOU'll be fine...:) all the best to you..muaks..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

But you definitely don't look like the shopkeeper LOL

aManda玲慧 said...

Glad to hear that everything is going on smoothly over there, you can do it CJ :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Been busy, eh?
Haven't seen you on my blog for a while :)