Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Doppelgänger

US President Barack Obama has arrived in Turkey!

The shiny Boeing 747-200B aircraft with the tail code "28000" (we also saw slight scratches near the nose of the plane :P) landed at Esenboğa International Airport in Ankara around 9pm. For the past few days, the local channels have been reporting/discussing/live telecasting G-20 Summit to NATO Meeting and anticipated his visit to Turkey.

Tonight was no exception, and watching the Air Force One maneuvered on the tarmac was indeed quite exciting. Many reporters crowded behind the lines, camera flashes already struck like lightning. Whilst waiting for Obama to exit, the Secret Service agents positioned themselves around the white and blue bird. They look silly wearing shades at night, that they really do! LOL

Live from Ankara
Hehehee yes, I have a habit of snapping pictures on TV

The door opens, stairs attached and we all await

Friendship flags - America and Turkey

The special rides which were cargo-ed over
You can read about them from Barack Obama's Beast

Still a no-show at this time

By now, we've waited for nearly 1/2 hour for the POTUS' appearance. The news forecaster listed out Obama's itinenary of his stay in Ankara; he'll be doing some sight-seeing in the captial city as well as getting down to diplomatic business with the country's leaders. She also reported that there will be a body double though it is not revealed which of him will descend from the plane.

There is a political decoy just in case someone snipes him.

But how would we really know which is the real one? Are they applying reverse psychology on us? I mean.. what if we were lead to believe the Obama who descended from the steps is the lookalike when it's really him? Or vice versa? And if it's really not him.. how did the real one get out? From where? With the cargo or through the butt of the plane? Ooooohhhhh.. how mind-boggling :)

The President of the United States of America :)

Yes, yes.. doing the formalities is very important even though if you're a double

At this point, I was very skeptical about his true identity

OMG.. what a big giveaway! :O

Hahahahahahaa in my opinion, we definitely witnessed a doppelgänger.

After the last picture, it just confirms everything. Too much mimics spoil the plastic cover! He can pass off for Mr.Spock :P Look at him! I've watched Obama from his campaigns, elections and the whole works since last year.. it's almost impossible to mistake the real him. It was so funny guessing the authenticity of this symbolic man the whole world's talking about right now.

Obama, real or not.. needs to get into the car quickly LOL

There are 2 cars for 2 different routes to the Sheraton Hotel, where Obama will be staying

Awwwww... he's tired
(or is he hiding his true face from being disclosed by sharp eye eagles like me? :P)

Show's over. Convoy left. Now we can watch a movie

Obama will come to Istanbul on Tuesday. Almost 80% of the roads in the city will be blocked because it is unknown which routes he will take. And the roads are all inter-connected so most likely to be congested (which is probably an understatement). I'd really want to see him in person but tough lucklahhh :(


peanut said...

the face so obvious is not him.. i thought the US people could have done better in plastic surgery or wat..

YannMay said...

omg. his left face really gave him off. whoa.

Pisa knows all sees all said...

babes. i'm sorry i haven't contacted you. am drowning in work. we have classes seven days a week and we usually get home at about 9 and then we just eat n go to sleep n the cycle continues. i will write to you/call you over easter, when we have four days off. sorry babes.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

No worries, Pisa. It was very good to hear from you. Hope all's well with the course/work :)