Sunday, 26 April 2009

Orchid Drink

Not exactly a very tasty-sounding drink eh? LOL

Tolga introduced me to the drink in the beginning and I didn't like it much. But today, I had a very nice cuppa and I shall introduce it to you all :)

Sahlep is popular drink only available in winter, at cold seasons because it's best served pipping hot. This special beverage is made from the salep flour, grinded from the ground tubers of Orchis mascula (a common orchid species also known as the Early Purple Orchid). The description of the tubers look like testes/man's balls.. it is also considered as aphrodisiac for some people.

Hahahahahaa in some magical traditions, its root is called Adam and Eve Root and is used in spellwork.

Sahlep has an extremely smooth and creamy texture, very sweet and starchy. Usually, the top is sprinkled with a generous amount of cinnamon powder. I don't like mixing the spice with my Sahlep because they form many tiny clumps looking like shit in my drink. Plus it is dangerous if the clumps open up and cinnamon powder disperse inside your throat. You'd prolly choke.

We didn't do much today except took a walk to town, sat around to enjoy the sea breeze.
My face has so many fucking breakouts.. I'm suspecting my hormones are at play. Depressing :(

Hehehehe we went to a Public Cafe.. no shit, Sherlock! :P

The historical and abandoned mansion next to it

Word is, this drink exists in UK too and it's actually called Saloop (sounds so damn funny)

Brilliant money-makers who manufactured Instant Salep Drink sachets!

Sugar rush! :P


Johnny Ong said...

sugar rush? when that swing breaks, u'll be rushing to hospital

YannMay said...

'Orchid Drink' does sound good, but after the thorough elaboration, i guess it won't be my cup of tea too! lol