Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Avusturya Is Austria

This evening was an enchanted one.

After dinner, I went to a small concert at the Austrian Embassy with Tolga and his Mum. The foreign consulate often holds exhibitions, gala nights and music festivals like the one we attended. I guess the distance between our place and the embassy is quite far after all. The drive along the coast took damn long.

I was excited to see the extravagant interiors and large mirrors Tolga told me about. We got there just on time to find the hall was filled with people, and I didn't have the chance to see the gallery. We had to move along with the crowd in order to get good seats. Nevertheless, I was very happy to be here.

The invitation card to Brandner Reisen's art exhibition (Ausstellung)
and a private Konzert by a Hungarian violinist and Polish-French pianist

How to push through this crowd? Especially with so many old folks? :P

Uhhmmm.. I found this quirky-looking chandeliar lamps interesting

It took my breath away for a while..

The Austrian Embassy building was a gift from the SultanHamid from the Ottoman Empire in 1882. OMG. The chandeliers are so huge, I can't imagine what's left of the person if it were to fall on him/her. The concert hall is T-shaped. I must say we didn't get the best view. We were hidden behind the marble pillars, but it didn't bother Tolga and his Mum one bit. They've been there many times and like before, they were there to listen, unlike me who have extra agendas LOL

2 musicians : Édua Amarilla Zádory (Violin) and Raluca Stirbat (Piano)

They played a couple of classical works, namely sonata by Joseph Haydn and Beethoven beautifully. After a short pause, they returned with scores from Igor Stravinsky and Edvard Grieg. The whole time, the violinist back was turned to us and pianist was unseen. Ohhhh well, better luck next time! ;)

Tolga's Mum reading the program sheet (the musicians biographies to be exact)

It would be more exciting to see her pulling the fiddlestick with hairy armpits but she shaved

Yeahhh.. they are both very talented and beautiful but I caught none to show you guys

My boyfriend tried to help but at this moment they bowed and the next, they left LOL


Johnny Ong said...

how come austrian embassy dont have such event in kl ???

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehehee maybe got, but in private?

YannMay said...

such grandeur! chandeliers are always the prettiest. =)

Chin Joo said...

Let's put one in our house next time :P