Monday, 20 April 2009

Names And Numbers

I like what I see, and these numbers are (quite) naughty!

Right column, way at the bottom

Everybody knows what 69 sexual position is, unless you're innocent at the level of a saint (he prolly knows it too) then I've got nothing to say. At least you'd have a thing or two to surf about on the Web because my blog isn't that educational LOL

Coincidentally.. 69 in the Cantonese slang means Luk Kau. No, no. Not Lookout. Luk (6) and Kau (9).

When your Luk Kau combined.. I am Captain Planet. 69 combined is a vulgar Cantonese word which refers to the male's significant organ also friendly known as the penis.

The dick. The whoopy-doo. The thhhhhhing. The bird-bird. The snake. Anaconda. (Pisa used to call it the Manaconda LOL) Hundreds of names for the sexual genitalia. You see, men are so full of themselves. Some people even associate it with food *tsk, tsk*. Banana. Salami. Cucumber. Uhhmmm.. I can't recall other examples but I am getting slightly hungry LOL

Brinjal. Hahahahahaa let's not go back to the infamous Brinjal Boy of Pushkin Institute back in 2002. So you get the idea of a 69.

Also, Bryan Adams gave fame to the Summer of '69 though he said in an interview that the position has nothing to do with it but a timeless summertime of making love. It's really about the year. He proclaimed that those days were the best time of his life and he even called it the age of innocence.

Hahahahahaa do you believe if his song was entitled Summer of '71.. it would have topped the charts? Think again :P

So when I saw my visitor counter stuck at 6969.. I knew my blog bangs LOL

Pardon my post. A bit of a wordplay today. Before I completely get absorbed by the Turkish language which I have improved quite a bit :)


Kev said...

How about "sausage", "lap cheong (Chinese sausage)", "little brother", "the third finger", "that thing", "batang (stick)", "joystick" ... and so on.

Btw, if you see profane language in my Cbox, just ignore. One (yes, just one) bloke decide to show his prowess in using an alternative language in the wrong place. Some people have nothing better to do. :-(

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehehee thank you, Kev.
You're really one helluva teacher :)