Monday, 27 April 2009

Clever Carpark

Traffic in Istanbul is also very crazy compared to both Malaysia and Russia.

Years ago, I realised that no one really cares to use the honk anymore on the busy roads in KL. I guess people know making so much noise won't get them anyway. Either that or we are too polite LOL

Moscow drivers are reckless and lawless. Enough said :)

Then come Istanbul, I see they are a whole different species when placed behind the wheels. Drivers here are not shy to press on their honks, deaf to the blaring sound from their cars. They are very expressive and aggressive. No hesitation to show raise their voice and/or their hand, their cockstare itself can break your window.

But I gotta give it to Turkish drivers, that they have excellent skills driving on rough terrains. Side parking's a 100% (lined up straight like ants). U-turns are minimal. Majority of the cars use manual gear due to expensive petrol prices but mainly low gear is better for going 45degrees uphill and Istanbul is built on hills. Some districts are very steep but where we are staying is so-so. Not too bad.

What was I going to write about.. aaahh!

The carparks here. Hehehehee I got astray. Sorry. All the carparks in malls/ supermarkets/ closed buildings are free of charge. Back then, the Mafias were collecting fees for the service but now not anymore. The roads were swept clean ;) We went to the mall just now and I was totally impressed by the brilliant LED-sticks installed on the ceilings. The indicator is visible from away for drivers to know the availability of a parking space. Now how clever is that!

Hmmmm.. maybe I'm not explaining nicely. Look at the pictures below.

It's just sooooooo freaking smart.. need to go round and round to snoop for a free space

I guess somewhere in the above-mentioned countries have the same system just that I've never visited one.. so that makes me pretty much a jakun LOL


leo7_lion said...

suddenly feel like KL ppl is more educated. Haha... no sound polution ^^

Juicy said...

Darling, we have that in KL too nowadays. Thank God :)

And we have not sound pollution here. Less shouting these days and more to just ignoring each other :P

Emonix said...

I take that blue means there is an empty spot?

vialentino said... least malaysia not really ketinggalan zaman...we have this car park sensor at sunway pyramid ler...hehehe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahahaa that shows what a jakun I am :P
I don't think I noticed it in Pyramid though.. but then again, this is a good example of mistakenly thinking that grass is greener on the other side!

YannMay said...

yea we do have it back home since years back but im not quite sure where now thou. it was some shopping malls, could be sunway pyramid and 1u.