Monday, 6 April 2009

MDG Season 2

More accurately, it should be called Malaysian Dramagirl.

Definitely for Season 1. I mean, watching the contestants who started out looking so-so, some with zero model material morph into sexy catwalkers and gorgeous beauties was entertaining. But it was really the in-between bitchings/interviews by each of them added more spice to our country's first online-reality TV show.

The 12 finalists in MalaysianDreamgirl (Season 1)

I read Chili's entry about her say on MalaysianDreamgirl2 this time around and her post reminded me to watch it. Hahahahahaa but I'm behind 12 episodes! So this evening, I loaded every part of an episode (in multiple tabs) until the 12 contestants were picked for the competition. Uhhhmmm.. most of them look a bit too raw for me to say anything nice about them.

The panel of judges consist of Elaine Daly, Julie Wong, Lim Jimmy and Andrew Tan. I'm kinda relieved not having to see Kenny Sia's face.

Malaysian girls who came for the auditions are too nice and soft-spoken. So are the judges. Hahahahahaa everyone's so.. so.. so... polite. First throw in all the compliments, then choke out the rejection but still close the line with words of encouragement. Such is our Malaysian culture. Bersopan-santun.

I didn't quite understand why some of the hopefuls whom I thought should have qualified but didn't.

No to smart ones.

No to talented ones.

No to anorexic ones (but this is totally valid).

No to shy ones.

No to brave tudung-clad ones.

Speaking of which, I have uttermost respect for the both of them who came to see how far they could go with their headscarfs. Although not very far at all, not for this show anyways. It was very refreshing to see conservative Malay girls who by the way, have more confident and better in speech than their "opened" counterparts. Kudos! :)

Seriously, there are so many who can't speak English.. it's unbelievable. I'm not talking about vocabulary richness or using rocket-science words but simple grammar would suffice. Tell me if it's too much to ask.

"I 24 years old, I working accountingcy".

"I never moderling before".

"My boyflend veli boling, schree year oledi".

"Is iss my dweem".

Not forgetting.. what's with the put-on accent?? Not ang-moh then don't speak like one!

Elaine Daly gave a very good reason to the one girl (who was eliminated) that she shouldn't be afraid to think that language is a problem for her. Speak BM. Speak the national language. The lady judge was right to say that everyone will understand you. Unless you're retarded, but then again.. several showed up in that condition but it clearly wasn't a problem for them.

Beginning from scratch!

After announcing that these 3 are in

No one was born a model. It takes time and discipline to groom, practice, learn and all the package that comes along with it. Then comes technology and Photoshop, the voting system and popularity contest. I think I'm going to enjoy watching MDG2. Also, I'm extremely glad that I can watch videos on the Internet. Uhhhmm.. I've never mentioned that YouTube is banned in Turkey?

Hahahahahahaa so basically, YouTube doesn't exist where I am now. What to do? :)


Emonix said...

You are gonna love Turkey ... as much as you love Malaysia. ;)

Sha said...

My best, check out Denezia...doesn't she remind you of someone?

She's Tricia's cousin. LOLLLLLL. The way she speaks reminds me so much of Tri and Tina!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa I love Turkey already!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Denezia is Tri's cousin???
No wonder she looks so damn familiar. The lips especially. I love when she called home to speak to the Ma. Sounds like Tri's Mum!

:) :) :)