Saturday, 21 February 2009

Angel Town

Turkish and I took a trip to the surburbs this morning! Something we haven't done for a while! This time we hit Krasnogorsk, a town north-west from Moscow.

We went to visit the Arkhangelskoe Estate really.

Some articles wrote that it is comparable to Versailles in France. The estate was the most lavish, grandest and luxurious playground for Moscow's wealthy aristocracy at the end of 18th century and beginning of 19th century. There are many highlights within the hectares of land, but they were buried by snow. Yet another visit to a place meant for spring/summer.

Ohhhh well! :)

The plan to Arkhangelskoe Estate!

Giganto gate at the entrance

Its Roman-Greco influenced architecture

Dedicated to Russia's greatest poet, Alexander Pushkin

Hehehehe horsie rides along the terrace

Tribute to Catherine the Great

We couldn't see the much of the described beauty of this place to be honest. Damn those inches of thick snow piled up till my knees. Ooohhhhh.. I forgot to mention that I nearly lost my toes! The sole of my right boot tore. A huge slit across on the base. Thank God my socks were thick!

Imagine! I could have returned a toe-less blogger! :O

The main building (way) behind us

Interesting-looking "dead" trees LOL

Partial view of the frozen Moscow River!

Our favourite section was the Church of Archangel Michael. Arkhangelskoe means Archangel ;) The Russian Orthodox church is small, cozy and inside was crowded with its worshippers. It was nice looking at the religious folks light a candle or two, praying for wellness.

We stayed for a while to warm ourselves LOL

The Holy Gate into the churchyard

Meet Michael

Someone made a 2D angel sculpture on the tree!

The Church of Archangel Michael

I'm taking up a habit to snap the door handle

Candles to light up our paths..

If only we came at the right season.

We had to leave when my foot felt rather numb. I must say I was ill-prepared for this trip *sniffles*. Still, it was a nice getaway from the city. I'm going to look for more sight-seeing places near by Moscow! We want to leave as much tracks as we can all over the place LOL


~fall3n ang3l~ said...

hei there)) actually wanted to invite u guys to this jazz concert... but, i thought of.. nahh.. too last minute ad, u guys would probably onto something else already~~
anyway, the next concert is on 14.3) admission = free)))
will hook u up on it if u are interested)))
btw, nice pics~~~)))
n the door knob~ superb..hahaha


Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ooohhhh, thank you ang3l!
Jazz concerts are nice. Where is it? For free, huh! Sounds good! :)

~fall3n ang3l~ said...

it's at kuznezkii most metro (the purple line) out of metro turn left, the first building u see, enter it, 5th floor)

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

wao!! you are such a sweet girl!

Your bf also very handsome~~

Nice blog you have!

Happy read through your blog, thanks for sharing~ ^_^