Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Note On 100

My ex-schoolmate from SSM tagged me on Facebook to answer 100 things about myself. I thought I just did a 25 Random recently and if I do hers, I might be writing too much LOL

I'd post it here instead, for fun.


001. Full name? You know, don't you?
002. Nickname? Chin, CJ, Eve, Witch (friends) and Canım (Turkish)
003. Single or taken? In a relationship
004. Zodiac sign? Scorpio
005. Male or female? Female
006. Kindergarten? Tadika Mayter
007. Primary? Sri Murni Primary
008. High? Sri Murni Secondary (in the same compound LOL)
009. Eye color? Grey
010. Hair color? Brown with black roots showing! Time to dye back!
011. Long or short hair? Long
012. Shoe size? 38 or size 6
013. Asthma? Never
014. Health freak? Moderate
015. Height? 5 feet 2 or 160cm on the dot LOL
016. Do you have a crush on someone? Jason Statham, Vin Diesel
017. Do you like yourself? Yeahhh
018. Have piercings? Yes
019. Tattoos? One on my right shoulder
020. Righty or lefty? Righty
021. Sexual orientation? Straight
022. School clique? Mean Girls LOL (we ruled)


023. First piercing? Ears
024. First best friend? Sha
025. First movie? With my friends after school was Cruel Intentions
026. First sport you joined? and competed was Netball
027. First pet? Hamster, gigantic breed
028. First concert? My Chemical Romance, a treat by Boss and Pisa!
029. First crush? I remember his nickname was Seven-up
030. First kiss? At Yen's birthday at KLGCC (2000)
031. First love? I'd say Turkish ;)
032. First broken heart? Can't remember
033. First stitches? None *touchwood!*
034. First broken bone? None *touchwood!*
035. First grade teacher? Pn.Susilan from Std.1M
036. First car? Toy car
037. First cell phone? Motorola V6688


038. I'm eating? Nothing
039. I'm drinking? A cup of Milo
040. I'm listening to? PitBull/Lil' John - Krazy
041. I'm working on? Getting some reference letters
042. I'm waiting on? Apostil to get processed
043. I'm wearing? Jeans and a white tee
044. I'm worried about? Nothing in particular..
045. I'm loving? like I've never loved before
046. I'm missing? Everyone back home
047. I'm anticipating? For a new beginning..


048. Kids? I want!
049. Marriage? Near future
050. Career? Pfftttt.. hopefully soon
051. Pickle? Had some yesterday
052. Penny? Don't worth nothing today
053. Stop? Being lazy
054. Donut? Too sweet, too oily
055. QuizPox.com? wtf...
057. Debt? There's one, unfortunately
058. College? 2 weeks in Taylors' for ALevels but I came here
059. Cupid? Irritating buggers
060. 777? The small notebook Illegal 4D payers use


061. Lips or eyes? Eyes
062. Hugs or kisses? Hugs
063. Shorter or taller? Taller
064. Romantic or spontaneous? Both!
065. Stomach or arms? Arms
066. Sensitive or loud? Sensitive
067. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship
068. Older or younger? Me no paedophilic anymore
069. Richer or Poorer? Richer, I'm poor enough LOL
070. Smart or witty? Smart
071. Shy or outgoing? Outgoing
072. High maintenance or plain? My bf's is low maintenance LOL
073. Glasses or contacts? Don't care
074. Taurus or Gemini? Don't care, mine's Saggitarius
075. Lots of friends/no friends? Bit of both, feels like I've lost some


076. Kissed a stranger? Yes
077. Lost your glasses or contacts? Yes
078. Lost your cell phone? Yes, it was stolen that night LOL
079. Broken any bones? No *touchwood!*
080. Broken someones heart? Hahahahahaa yeahhh, I think so
081. Been arrested? No
082. Seen a hooker? Yes, trannies too
083. Been to a funeral? Yes
084. Been to Las Vegas? Yes
085. Bought off Ebay? Not yet
086. Cheated? Yes, both ways
087. Picked your nose and ate it? Maybe when I was a child


088. God? Yes
089. Yourself? Not really LOL
090. Miracles? Yes
091. Love at first sight? Hmmmm.. not really
092. Heaven? Not really
093. Santa? Hahahahaha hell no
094. Fairies? Pffttttt.. nope
095. Kissing on the first date? No
096. Angels? Maybe


097. Is there someone you want to be with right now?
Somewhere yeahhh.. and it's actually more than one person!

098. Is Superman better than Batman? Don't care, just comics
099. Have you dated more than 1 person at the same time? Yes
100. Do you believe in the afterlife? I guess so

I enjoy doing stuff that doesn't kill my brain cells sometimes :)