Thursday, 5 February 2009

What If

Turkish and I watched the Time Machine (2002) a couple of nights ago, one of my favourites (and approved time travel movies). I was captivated by the line said by the Über-Morlock, "You are a man haunted by the 2 words, what if".

Oooohhhh.. his über-ness gives me the chills

How many people in the world is truly, truly satisfied with their lives? Without second thoughts, without regrets nor desire to have something more than he/she already has, and problem-free at that? I'm too young to say anything close to that but I am contented with my current life, I'd say.

Still, what if things were different.

What if I stayed back in Malaysia and not do my Masters?

What if I never studied Medicine at all, what would I be now?

What if I didn't meet Turkish?

What if Daddy were still around?

(.. and more of these dumb questions).

Sometimes when I patrol my friends' blogs like Sharini and Hannan, reading about Housemanship in the government hospitals, I feel like I should be getting a piece of the cake too (even when it's not Chiffon). Gathering experience by means of ill-treatment from the superiors and whatnots.

What if I were a Houseman?

Which hospital would I be posted to?

What if I can't cope with the stress?

Would I be happy?

What if I won't be happy.. what should I do then?

Oops. I got drfited again but yes, as much of a lala-fied person I am.. sometimes my mind wonders to subjects that matter but don't matter. I guess I'm bored. I'm not disciplined enough to sit down with a book. I should be reading up and filling my knowledge as much as I can but instead, I don't take up this habit.

Never am, never will.

An idle mind is the Devil's workshop. I'm just ranting without a cause.

But.. what if...



leo7_lion said...

Hm, sometimes we just need a time mechine...

Juicy said...

Errrr. Haha so happened Eve. Seb and I watched movie too last night but a diff type. We watched Look For A Star by Andy Lau & Shu Qi. It was so good, we laughed all out and cried at the end :)

Emonix said...

This is weird ... I just got Time Machine from Netflix yesterday and I'm gonna watch it today!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Enjoy it! :)