Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Alfie Patten

Did you hear about the 13-year-old boy who became a father?

Who's the baby now?

When I read the article, I felt extremely sad and bothered.

It seems that there are many people to blame for this accidental pregnancy. Themselves, their parents, the media, TV, hormones etc. When I spotted "his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman, 15".. I imagined that she MUST HAVE coaxed him into having sex with her. I see Chantelle as a sick paedophile.

Underage sex.

Babies having babies.

This is so unfortunate.

Does anyone agree with me on this?

I don't know why the newspapers keep highlighting the fact that Alfie is only 4ft. tall. They can't imagine certain sizes or in which positions they did the nasty, issit? The baby-faced part is understandable but what's with the height issue? Tsk tskkk.

I'm sure many readers unlike me are touched by Alfie's determination to bring up the baby, and doing everything a Dad would. I feel so sorry that his naiveness isn't going to bring him anywhere.

Just by holding and feeding their daughter, Maisie on the milk bottle isn't enough. Does he realise where the milk powder and diapers come from? As it is, both their families aren't the wealthiest nor healthiest sorts. Broken and living on public funds. Alfie's father, Dennis is a bastard but I do see some point of his concern in this matter.

"This young lad does not understand the enormity of his situation".

Does Alfie know he isn't like.. taking care of a baby brother?

Sex simply isn't recreational activities for children!


Sex seems like a turn off now.

Or maybe, maybe me and the rest of the world are just being cynical. Look at my previous post. Ironically, if those adults don't seem like ideal parents for the little girl.. maybe Alfie and Chantelle might do a better job. The world has changed, hasn't it?

May God and the people around them lend a hand or two.

Children are afterall, innocent.

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