Thursday, 12 February 2009

Smokin' Stories

So smoking is hazardous, not only to the smokers but to the people around them as well. This lousy habit causes health risks, cardio problems and culprit for lung cancers. There isn't a justified answer to why do people still huff and puff on cigarettes. If you were a smoker, how will you defend your addiction?

Statistics. Advertisements. Posters. Cause of death of the people you know. Yet, it doesn't stop a person from picking up the paper-wrapped candy and lighting it. Mmmmm.. the inhalation was good, the exhalation was better. Takes your mind off a lot of things but in the long run, your body just needs it. Whether you're at rest or on the move, yakking or shitting. Sometimes while doing both.

I grew up exposed to second hand smoke.

My parents.. hell, even my babysitter had a stick hanging on the edge of her mouth as she bathed me or singing a lullaby. Yet, I never smoked. Until 1 summer, I picked one up myself (timeline undisclosed).

I couldn't really explain why I did it, but pulling a breath in from the brown butt was easy. Like it was a skill I was born with. After that, I nicked one or two on occasions.

Time passed, and I became a closet smoker. Uhhhmmm.. yeah *grins*

*picture - The only people who smoke these apek cigarettes: My parents and ex-babysitter.

I never smoked when I was out of the house. I only smoked when in presence of people I felt comfortable doing so with and I could go on for weeks without one. I didn't think I was addicted at all. Sounds like I wasn't qualified for a BAT (British American Tobacco) award, was I? ;)

My nicotine patch came along and I stopped. Note that I don't use the word quit because I didn't need to make an effort to part with it. I'm just merely "not smoking". Plus I haven't smoked for so long, the last time I tried to reconcile my relationship with it, I choked. But I must say, sometimes the stinking smell of cigarette gives me sense of familiarity or perhaps memories.

Maybe you are surprised, maybe you aren't. I don't know why I suddenly felt like writing this. I miss the company I used to smoke with and the times when we did. Over discussion, coffee table, after any meals of the day, when drinking, nightouts, in broad daylights too etc.

And lastly, I also miss all 3 of the Rothmans 100s smokers.

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