Thursday, 19 February 2009

No Guilt Trip

Seen all over the place!!

I'm not sure why I went to Manezhnaya Mall today.

I sort of knew my aim was to check out some discounted stuff, albeit rather late. The city-wide sale started 2 months back and I was in Moscow at the peak of the cut. Why didn't I jump at the opportunity?

Dunno. I'm retarded, I guess.

The current flow of items are pushed into shop corners, with whatever that's left from the craze. I can't stand the sight of someone lifting up a top in the air and dumping it right back on the pile. It's very insulting.

: the lady next to you sees it like a piece of thrash but you like it and decide to make a purchase.

Spoils my appetite for the low cut (price).

A lot of the garments are in bad condition and oversized, doesn't take a genius to wonder why they are still there! Hahahahaa and I nearly bought a V-neck blouse which had a small hole on the sleeve!

Well, I must say despite the economic crisis and hard cash to come by at harsh times like this.. I picked up a couple of non-flammables to the pocket. Don't worry, I ain't suicidal shopper! LOL

I am very disciplined now, okay. I didn't buy more than necessary and come to think of it, I best wear them quick. I can bet bumping into someone with the same outfit on the streets! ;)

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