Saturday, 28 February 2009

Whiskers Balance

I'm not very fond of cats, to be honest. Most of the them aren't very friendly and they have mood swings. But Turkish and I didn't hesitate to go to the Moscow Cats Theatre for a show. It was superb ;)

We got out from M.Kutuzovskaya which reminded me of the early days in Pre-Med Course. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the rectangular PANINTER signboard. I had kept a picture of me taken in April 2002 (in the archives) and here it is.

This is me.. 7 years ago

This is me.. at 1230pm today LOL

I don't really see the difference, do you? I think I still look the same! OMG. Back then I carried a backpack :P If only the quality of the picture from 7 years ago was better. It was taken with my loyal Olympus which ran on films. Hahahaha what were the odds to come to Kutusovsky Prospekt again.

Yes, back to the Moscow Cat Theatre.

It was established in 1990. Yuri Kuklachev and his son, Dimitry (with a team of men and 100+ felines, plus 2 dogs) run this place now. The building is small, decent and it kinda felt as though we entered someone's house. There were miniature cat statues on the racks, clown trophies (belong to Yuri Kuklachev), framed photographs of the cats all over the place and old ladies selling sweets. That was it.

The gigantic poster outside the building

Turkish and I *giggles*

The simple murals

I liked this one :)

An old clown showing some tricks

I don't know how Yuri Kuklachev went to Japan
and became Mr.Yurii KUKURACHOV *rofl*

Handle on every door.. lovely, isn't it?

Turkish and I were the only foreigners. The rest were just children, with either parents or grandparents. Hehehehee the kids were so cute. Our show was entitled "My Favourite Cats", hosted by Dimitry Kuklachev. He is a brilliant clown cum performer. His expression was good, he single-handedly pulled many stunts and the cats were very obedient to his commands.

One nod, the pussy jumped 10 feet off the ground without meow-ing.

Dimitry's father did the opening for the show

Dimitry balancing on a couple of metal wheels

Hahahahahaa Biker Cats

This bugger was very quick in action :)
And the winged-angels in the backdrop are cats too

Life is good for them LOL

It's really more for family entertainment, nothing extreme or out of the norm. The cats are very, very tamed and adorable.. made me almost want to love them. But it is definitely worth a watch.

Children were the happiest here! :)


chiiliyeow said...

i would want to destroy all my old pictures of mine..let them vanish for good...*sigh*

aManda玲慧 said...

you did not change much, probably I should say you still look the same. but one thing for sure, you do not carry a bag pack now haha :p

YannMay said...

Sweet! I don't fancy cats much too =D

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Why wanna destroy all the old pics! Keep them then only can reminisce on our youth what ;)

richard said...

I love to see these too, I love cats and I enjoyed looking at the pictures....

Thanks for sharing....Keep on smiling...

Anonymous said...

now you are prettier than b4 :>