Saturday, 7 February 2009

Relics And Co.

I'd like to think that Turkish and I have covered alot, alot of Moscow's must-see places. At least the main ones. Actually, after visiting the Polytechnical Museum today.. I can safely say, we really have!

Our entrance tickets!

The museum didn't exactly sound so interesting, you know, I ain't much of a technical person but this place is pretty good. Impressive and it's no wonder that Russians are so damn proud of their history and founding fathers of every field from civilization to modern science.

Russians have it all. Pioneers at that.

Don't you wish to have their fashion LOL

A gorgeous ol' Russian Imperial degree in 1903 *drools*

I love the mosaic depiction of Chemistry on the wall
Alchemy --> Chemistry --> Modern science/Chemistry

We walked through 3 and 1/2 floors of exhibits.. I lost count of time. Let's say by the time we were done, my back was killing me. The only complaint I have is how much I have forgotten about Geology which I was once very much interested in, thanks to Mr.Nagesh (our Geography teacher). I did consider being a Geologist after SPM.


Distribution of Russian minerals (map)
Can't remember what's this gadget called :X

Fossiliferous rock formation of plants!

My favourite dig (1842)
36kg of GOLD nugget from the Urals! :)

School groups+weekends+museums=usual affair

This museum is unique for its collections which include many firsts of its kind. We were able to see inventions from 17th century, maybe earlier too and original equipment from the beginning of time upclose. Best part is, they are labeled in English language, not just Russian text!

We were very tickled at the Telephone section because we fiddled with a couple of really old ring-ring boxes LOL

You need to hook up the lines to call someone!

And only to 12 persons you know LOL
Shitlahhhh if the 13th person I need to call didn't suscribe!

Do you smell some sexual discrimination here? LOL

The TV section was just as hilarious.

"3000 Mechanical Televisions were made in 1936"

Damn small screen to peek into LOL

They've got the first of everything!!

Our visit was spiced up at the Camera hall. Not only because of all the Lomography devices but we were ambushed by a strange man! I don't think he's as nuts as he sounds, I sounded more crazy. And I happened to be shooting a video in there LOL

I uploaded it on YouTube. It's really quite funny ;)

Hahahahahahaa what do you expect me to say!

I tried damn hard not to laugh in his face, okay! Sorry about my "ehh-hehe" ending. I'm an amateur moviemaker and if only I knew.. I would have edited to a nicer finish :P

We felt more edookated LOL

Turkish and the first Soviet robot-guide

Satellite for space observatory!
Russians' really got some good stuff!

One more for the road:

"My grandfather was Georgian, he knew Stalin".

What a day, eh! :)


Borneo Falcon said...

I always love a visit to the museum. Nice one

~fall3n ang3l~ said...

super nice!!!hahahaha the most beautiful boy...hahahaha
he really ss...haha

Anonymous said...

mr ganesh taught us too, i think.

seriously,i think u'd be a good moscow tour guide. :D

xacan said...

hi, how was the vacation?:)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

B.Falcon : Too bad there isn't many in Malaysia, eh?

Ang3l : I nearly died from refraining myself (from laughter) when he said the last line :P

Wi : It's Mr.Nagesh!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hey, Xacan :)

Vacation to Malaysia, you mean? It was terrific! Thanks for asking.

AzAzura said...

thanks for the tour !, feel like I am there when i read your story.I had never been there :( xx

peanut said...

eh i hear u speak! LOL. u don't sound like how you look. LOL! Turkish doesn't sound like turkish also. LOL! everybody not sounding like themselves.. wat the hell am i crapping..