Monday, 16 February 2009

Post-Valentine's Day

We wanted to go to the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Bulvar on Saturday but tickets were sold out in the beginning of the week itself. Talk about "sold like hotcakes". Unfortunately, I won't give this troupe a 100%. It didn't have enough E! factor and there was hardly any animal shows.

I guess we've been to too many Russian circuses (we figured out the stunts are pretty much alike).

Like here, here, here and here.

The circus building was opened in 1880, and the most loved clown Yury Nikulin in the Soviet era became the director until his passing in 1997. Since then, this place is also known as Nikulin Circus. Should the Great Russian Clown be alive today, I'm not sure if he'd be pleased with present performances. I don't know why I'm complaining about it anyways when every show is a full-house.

The Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Bulvar!

Balloons, balloons, balloons!!

Pose with them poodles for a picture

A band to enhance the circus atmosphere

It was the premiere of the circus' new theme entitled "Dherzhava" meaning Power. It features the colourful cultures of the tribes all across Russia. The performers wore very fancy costumes namely folks from Siberia, Irkutsk, Tatar regions I suppose and so forth.

Hmmmm.. most of the performances were quite manual, meaning without mechanical equipment nor laser show that often gives me headache/eye ache. Though the switch between dark and bright lights was slightly blinding.

I'm complaining again LOL

We sat pretty close to the stage!

Aaaahhhh.. the sun-lady doing gymnastics

The tribes..

The original Russian Bar performed by skillful acrobats!

This should have been Yury Nikulin himself :)

I enjoyed the acrobats in action like always especially when without safety nets or harnesses, yes I'm evil. They kept few classic circus acts like juggling, trapeze, magic show (the clothes-hanging trick), and for the animals, the best show was performed by the very well-trained ferrets. Ooooohhhh.. 6-7 of them! Not only they were so damn cute, they were absolutely amazing.

I could have trained Pisa's Mr.Ferret if only I knew!

They were too quick! This is the best I could capture!

No idea what this was all about.. nice black cat though ;)

Some disco bling-bling ball lighting to amaze us LOL

Bear-wrestling is supposedly entertainment

Go home, suckers! Thank you for coming LOL

We did enjoy much of it, of course. Afterall, it was a belated Valentine's day treat for the both of us ;) We would like to go to the Cat Theatre soon, I mean, this circus' cats are the worst I've ever seen. They were strutting away, hissing at the trainer and being cats. Pffttttt. I think Durova Circus is still on the top of the list. Isn't it sad like.. circus isn't how it used to be like when it first started?

Traditional attractions, the freak shows and wild/exotic animals?

I guess it's expensive to maintain a circus and its performers (humans and animals alike). Plus having animal rights activists crouching on their backs with leather whips.. we are considered lucky to see some animals at all.

Ironically, I have been to this circus but a different show LOL

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