Sunday, 9 November 2008

Durova Circus

My father's words, in memory : "Even animals can be trained, let alone humans".

Hahahahaa this Sunday came for our long-anticipated Durova Circus! It was suuuuuuuperb! True to its fame, it's solely an animal show without extra stunts like acrobats nor trapeze. Just a couple of clowns and characters to fit the "Around the World Without Tickets".

No.4 Durova Street! Here we come!

The elephant on the roof's sooooo cute!

An abandoned wigwam made of metal LOL

A lovable statue of Mama Seal and its young!

The show started at 3pm. There were more kids than adults, kids at all sizes LOL I must say it was one of the best circuses I have ever been to (actually it always gets better). The animals are so lively and in good shape, with shiny fur and look puffed. Must have fed them well! I didn't managed to take too many pictures because most of the times, I was enchanted by the animals' performances on the modest-size stage. I loved the Siberian foxes, there were simply beautiful and I have NEVER seen wild foxes tamed in action. Nor chicken-size crows.


Poodles on rubik-qubiks!

A hippopotamus on stage.. look at its size!

Mini Jumbo doing his thing ;)

The jet black crows.. they were damn swift!

The apes.. damn naughty buggers :)

A hippo dancing in tutus only happens in cartoons, I guess ;) I was bewildered to see its appearance.. I mean, that riverhorse must have weighed 1000kg! And you know hippos are very hostile animals, so imagine them being so obedient for a circus act! Oooohhhh.. there's an albino porcupine which drove me nuts as well! It was white! WHITE and looks like a punk! LOL It was the cutest, yet strangest rodent I've ever seen. On close-up, it looked very human.

Aaaaahhhh.. the white/albino punk!

I want one as a pet! *screams*

Bears are symbol and pride of Russia. The Durova bears which performed were gorgeous. They performed to so many acts, from riding a bicycle to dancing.. they were brilliant! The best is always saved for the last and they were really wonderful. There were three bears (2 smaller ones and 1 giant), all of them were very entertaining. The show ended after a good 2 hours. We didnt stop smiling and I don't wonder now, why the tickets for the month are always sold out. Nope, no more tickets till 2nd week of December.

It's THAT good ;)

A dancing bear LOL

Balancing act on the golden ball ;)

Big Papa on its feet and the trainers

The closing of Durova Circus.. so beautiful

Spontaneous capture of 2, very happy spectators!


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

so nice.. hope malaysia got such circus as well haha

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Maybe. Someday :)