Thursday, 6 November 2008

Good Ol' Ozone

My father's words, in memory : "I have seen the good, the bad, the evil and all that masks their true colours. I know how to see through anybody. I only hope you see and meet the good, for the rests are very ugly".

All is well at the hospital, I guess. Patients' wise. Uh-huh. I still don't like the chief, Dr.Netrunenko very much. She questions about my work and shoots questions spontaneously at everyone. I think she dislikes me. I still suck at clerking and the other day, I got confused when one doctor told me to send my patient for Autohemotherapy and later, the other one said I should send him for Ozone therapy.

Turned out, they are both the same bloody treatment. WTF.

Actually it's a pretty interesting method. Ozone (
O3), as in the ozone layer that protects Earth from UV rays from the sun. In the medical field, this molecules are believed to be bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. Basically it has some healing power but it's usage has also been utmost controversial since it contains toxic elements as well. Plus some people even have Ozone-allergy LOL

This treatment has shown promising results for several conditions, including acute and chronic viral infections (hepatitis), superficial infections, burns, carcinomas, ulcers, circulatory disturbances and hyperlipidemia. It includes pharmacotherapeutic regimens for postmenopausal osteoporosis and this technique enhanced remineralization of bone. Minor usage is for acne, several allergic reactions and asthma.

How it works: Venous blood is drawn from the patient, mixed with ozone-oxygen and re-injected intramuscularly either the umbilicus, gluteus maximus or deltoid (even right into the rectum/asshole). Followed by a list of alternative methods like Ozonated water, ozone ointments, Ozone sauna/Balneotherapy, blood purification and so forth. All sound so effective and helpful. Many countries (including Malaysia) practise ozone treatment but only recently, it is legal in America.

A couple of shots I took at work.

Cyclops has Psoriasis, runs around with sweaty armpits

This patient came in for fungal mycosis infection
Almost all his fingers, nail beds and feet were infected too

When I see a cute-looking guy now, I wonder..
..what kind of skin is truly beneath his clothes LOL

He has a long history of diseases, his file was *this* thick
Dr.Netrunenko is touching examining him, we do so after her

I was assigned to the Male Ward from Day 1. Actually I'm considering to transfer to the Female Ward but not so soon, maybe the next semester. Or after we return from Malaysia. I don't know. Unless there's some sort of rotation then I prolly won't have to deal with it.

Hope so!

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