Saturday, 22 November 2008

Maya Madness

After the Kukla show, close to 4pm.. we walked down towards the ChokkoLatta cafe for early dinner. It was sweet check out a new joint after so long! We spotted this place many weeks ago but only today we managed to patronise it.

ChokkoLatte serves Italian dishes. The menu isn't 20-pages thick which is a good thing for us, otherwise we would starve to death before choosing some! Anyways, we ordered a pizza called 4 Seasons and I had Di Polo Tagliatelle. Yalahhh.. the same kuey tiow noodles I made for my Chicken Alfredo. They were quite yummy. Service was wonderful and prices are reasonable for its portion.

The waitress wanted us to get Diabetes LOL

Plain interiors, nothing much to yell about

Vot.. admit it, my Chicken Alfredo looked tastier :P

4 Seasons pizza.. they weren't joking!

For dessert, we were attracted to their Chocolate drink selection which they seem to heavily promote. Sounded like house brand, this Chintaka Mayan Hot Chocolate comes in 4 flavours - Hot, Spicy, Classic and Natural with Ice Cream.

I had Spicy and Turkish took Classic.

The chocolate is extremely tasty, very thick! Mine tasted of cinnamon, that's why it's spicy! Turkish said the Classic tasted like normal but it was very good. We were served with a glass of water just in case we choke. Serious! What's with the Mayan chocolate recipe, man? Last week when Turkish's Mum sent a package over, which included alot of goodies.. there was one too, from Magnum!

Made from secret ancient civilization recipe wehhhh

A sinful pot of calorie bomb!

Here's the present from Turkish's Mum

ChokkoLatta is located at M.Svetnoi Bulvar for those of you who are interested to go. It's nice for a cuppa, hang out with friends and weekend breaks. Once you exit from the Metro, turn right and walk past the Nikulin Circus, keep walking. It's right around the corner :)


peanut said...

wah.. i din come few days and so many new posts!


the chocolate looks so thick.. how to drink.. wun it be too sweet? hehe.. gotta try myself i think. LOL

can act like antacid to neutralize the acid. LOL.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I blog on daily basis LOL