Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Fridge Doctor

My father's words, in memory : "Humans are like machines, once the engine rosak, you know the time's soon up".

This evening, we called a refrigerator expert to diagnose our 3-compartment icebox that seems to have lost its cool. It's not new, but definitely a sparkle when it was made in 1994. Hahahahaaa that makes it 14 years old AND still running, only a bit cranky.

The freezer is working fine but the food storage part isn't down to ideal temperature. Turkish and I worry that perishables might perish before due time, but truth is, we just don't trust it. We don't want to purchase a new one either, it would cost too much and we don't have the cash to do so right now anyways.

It was an experience to watch the fridge doctor work. Vitali is a Russian in his mid-30s, looked a little bit like President Medvedev (even Turkish agreed LOL) and didn't hesitate to walk into the house with his boots. He headed straight to the kitchen, fondled our fridge a little bit and told us the ventilator could be faulty.

Good news is, we still have plenty of freon.

The good man checking for escaped cold

He made us boil water to run it down the condenser

.. which was clogged with ice!

Arrghhhh.. nasty damage on the coil tubes

Vitali's a good doctor, he explained the problem from A-Z
including differential diagnosis and prophylaxis for keepsake

Hahahahaaa I found the hairdryer usage damn funny

We still can't be sure if the fridge is totally fine now, according to him, we need to wait at least 12 more hours for it to run and thermoregulate like usual. After Vitali collected his payload and left, I had a flashback of the last months in my old apartment when I was staying with Boss and Pisa. We had a Spoilt Fridge but we didn't do anything about it.

OMG. The misery of a broken fridge LOL


Princess Cinderella said... solution buy a new fridge instead...hahaha.....muah

Sharini said...

We used to use hair-dryer(s) to defrost our fridge too!!

wicrap said...

i think my fridge is as old as me. unlike me, it grumbles every 30mins..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa everyone seems to have a fridge story to tell!