Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Look Twice

My father's words, in memory : "Buy, buy, buy whatever you like".

I was browsing the pictures which I took around M.Ulitsa 1905 over the weekend, when Turkish and I went uptown to check out some shops for home deco. We always knew there's a Detsky Mir somewhere around the corner, a big one in fact (some 4-storey building).

Detsky Mir - don't bring your children there LOL

Guess what. Christmas decorations are on sale now! I was delighted to see fake trees, dingling-dangling stuff to hang on it, Santa Claus pieces made from all kinds of material, strands of colourful tinsels and lots of other stuff that you can imagine. It was pretty difficult for me to accept the fact that I won't be purchasing any of the holiday item because we won't be in Moscow for Christmas.

I nearly threw thunderous tantrums.

It was fun to scout around Detsky Mir, like always because everything is SO pretty but the heartache from the price tags will never cease. Seriously, how can toys be so freaking expensive? Turkish and I used to visit the main Detsky Mir at M.Lubyanka (which is closed down for renovation now). I still wonder the same question. I don't think there'll be a fair answer to it anyways.

Hahahahaa like holding a skull in Hamlet :P

I failed to notice the price tag on the reindeer
Not even attractive but costs 49450pyb! (RM6488/USD1809)

But then again, I guess I would pack it home if my Dad were money-laundering an oil business tycoon. Or maybe not. It's easy to estimate how many homeless people this reindeer can feed or convert to how many little Christmas gifts to the orphanage(s).

All the money in the world, I'd spend them on flight tickets ;)


Princess Cinderella said...

wow cj....nice decorations....hehehe..me too it's time to make a shopping for Christmas and start decorating our house...hmmmm..and start buying for gifts..weeee....take care girl..muah....

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Everyone should start doing this! :)