Sunday, 2 November 2008

Wet Woods

My father's words, in memory : "Be adventurous! You need to try everything at least once in your lives (he meant the good ones)".

We were supposed to visit Bykovo today but Uncle Erkin (Turkish's family friend) invited us to a shaslik session in Ivanteyevka so we had to postpone our trip. The next few Sundays are lined with other activities and with winter drawing closer, I'm really not sure which date to set. We took bus from M.VDNKh this afternoon. It was an hour long journey, with bad traffic.

Bus No.316- 70pyb per passenger to Ivanteyevka! :)

Our 2nd bus ride together (1st was Sergiev Posad)

Moscow's public toilets (must to experience *gag*)

On the highway, exiting Moscow proper..

Getting stuck on the highway, no surprise at that >(

Ivanteyevka is a town in the Moscow Oblast. Uncle Erkin's textile factories are located there and the town's pretty old, I must say. It was founded in the 16th century and belonged to the Trinity Lavra of St.Sergius (spiritual centre of R.Orthodox Church, just like Sergiev Posad). When we got there, it was slightly drizzling. I knew it! Weather forecasted today wet and gloomy! We didn't sightsee anything, but we weren't sure if there's anything for tourists anyways.

"Ya liubliu Ivanteevkoo!" (I love Ivanteyevka).. so cheesy LOL

Soviet-era flats, damn obvious isn't it?

Must have been a pro-communist town!

Run down flats.. Russia is so photogenic :O

Shaslik session in the rain! *screams*

It was a real drag but Uncle Erkin's friends were a good sport. I was kinda shocked when we got there because the company was all men, like 6 of them. They were decent and hospitable though. Nice Turkish men. If I didn't know them at all, as a passerby, I wouldn't go near them. I'd take a long cut around the woods. Like Uncle Erkin was the Godfather and the rest were his loonies LOL

The rain didn't exactly dampen my spirit! ;)

Beautiful scenery at our shaslik spot!

I called this the Sleepy Hollow Bridge LOL

Uncle Erkin and his konchos LOL

Turkish and I shelthering under the plastic tent

Oooohhhh.. I had about 10 of these skewers!

Bloody hot but I'm lovin' it! LOL

The lamb was SO tasty. Worth getting soaked in the rain!


niko said...

wow! is that u on ur header??

u are so gorgeous and sexy!!

thanks for dropping by my baby blog.. keep on coming back please..

take care!

~fall3n ang3l~ said...

nice nice)))
so good u get to enjoy urself all over places, in moscow n well, out of moscow...))
i wish i can have that..hahaha
too bad, i'm alone... no kaki...
by the way, ur 'sleepy hollow bridge' looked very 'one tree hill'..hehehehe...
i wan shaslik too~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~