Monday, 24 November 2008

Time Travel

The last episode of Supernatural Season 4 I watched was entitled In the Beginning when Dean travels back in time to stop "it". On top of that series, Turkish and I have been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 which also, rolls back and forth with time.

We may have watched many movies or read books about this affair, be it returning to the past or leap into the future (with different reasons and course of actions), and as fictional as it may be, it just can't happen. I don't mean the possibilities of creating a time machine AND able to time travel, I'm saying there is no logic in doing so, not forgetting the cause and effect.

I surfed one article after another and I have to say..

I strongly oppose the idea of time traveling, even stronger now. Just like most people, I am a movie buff. When I watch a movie that involves time travel and ridiculously written, I get very angry. I'm having troubles digesting the Terminator series but that's another story. I will use a few movies as examples to explain why I think time travel is more like physics gone wrong.

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban when Harry and Hermione (in the ward) turn time around a few hours earlier to free Buckbeak. I remember my horror to see when the two return to the present, they hide outside the ward watching themselves disappear in thin air.

What does this tell you? Time is circular. It's a cycle. Harry and Hermione who returned reel on film with the rest of the movie, while the "themselves" they saw.. are trying to free Buckbeak. They would return and see "themselves" again, and again, and again even after we leave the cinema.

2. Twelve Monkeys starring Bruce Willis. So the world ended, he is sent back to the past to prevent apocalyse (deadly viral spread) from happening. One event leads to another, and another and ultimately Bruce Willis fails to stop anything. Instead, he is shot and a small boy parked at the sidelines, is actually young Bruce Willis witnessing his own death later in adult life. Exaggerated coincidence.

What does this tell you? Again, time is circular. The past is fixed, inchangeable. Bruce Willis dies in the end of the movie meaning the virus contaminated all life forms but young Bruce Willis will grow up to be sent back to the past and re-do what we just watched for the past 1 1/2hours. But I liked this movie because Brad Pitt plays a madman extremely well LOL

3. Frequency.. heard/watched the movie of a father and son communicating over an old radio? Father in 1969 and son in 1999. The son changes history, saves the father from the fire (his father is a fireman who died in line of duty) so a new timeline is created from there. Events that wouldn't have taken place took place and the plot deteers, his mother gets murdered instead. This one isn't exactly about time traveling.. more to bending time and space.

4. The Lake House.. similar to the above. I don't have anything bad to say about this movie because my ex-boyfriend, Keanu Reeves is so handsome and his movies are always good. I can accept any kind of travel he makes, better with me :P

Anyways, enough of the bloopers. I'm not all rooted at the Opposition of course. I do acknowledge movies that are sensible to this subject, this time travel theory and there are a couple of titles which I very much approve of.

1. The Time Machine (2002) based on H.G. Wells novel. The protagonist grieves his fiance's death and builds a time machine to go back into the past to save her. But no matter how many times he tries, she still dies in different ways. This is Hedges Theory.

If an event happened and that is the reason for the traveler to go back in time, how can it be changed because if the event were to be changed.. then the traveler wouldn't have the reason to return in the first place! Confused? Okay. Back to the movie example. The leader of the mutant race explains very well that the past cannot be changed because of the existance of a time machine. The protagonist couldn't have saved his fiance because the time machine is built upon her death. How can she be alive when the time machine exists?

2. Butterfly Effect is the only movie I remember with time-space travel, with a bit of a twist and touches the memory part. Have you wondered how, let's say, a traveler that goes back in time to save someone (very noble right) and the person lives.. let's say someone close like a brother. Should the brother live, isn't it mysterious how the traveler's memories don't change?

(Theory says it's because another timeline has been created, like a time clone, parallel to the world the traveler came from. Thus, he moves forward with time of the "past" and even if he returns to the future.. it wouldn't be the future he was before. Everything would have changed.)

I mean, there and then, the memories should jam into his head like a train because he saved his brother. They should have played sand and went to school together but interestingy, the traveler doesn't remember any of it. Butterfly Effect is good apart from it's one of Ashton Kutcher's few intelligent movies, he gets the memories and every time he lives another life, they get refreshed.

3. A Sound of Thunder is one cheesy, cheap ass movie with lousy computer effects, like cut and paste LOL The movie plot concerns "time tourists" who go to the prehistoric area to hunt dinosaurs. But everything is arranged in time perfection so it doesn't interfere too much with the past. What movie is there if it were perfect right?

So things go wrong at one trip. Someone brought something back to the future. And that is the one thing which had failed to evolve from one species to another and another, then the attack of time waves causing organisms to evolve, from vegetation to wildlife and humans, also a result from changing the past. All hell breaks loose and when it comes to evolution.. nothing evolves into cute little 3-eared puppies. It's always 3-headed hellhounds that kill and shred humans into pieces (it's a figure of speech LOL).

So.. this is more or less my opinion on time travel.

What about if I have the chance to go back in time, would I?



Yeah ;)


peanut said...

hahaha.. i wanna comment but i typed half way and i think i better put a post to reply ur post in my blog.. hahaha

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa what the..

Lee Agas Guang said...

time travel is a very interesting idea. If you watch The Terminator: Sara Connor Chronicles..thats more like time travel..hehehe..but seriously its still mind boggling..the fact that i can pick up all the newspaper in the future then come back to current time then can strike lottery for a year straight! hahaha Berjaya Group will be MINE! wahahahahha..can u imagine what would the world be if u were to go back to the past..hand over a 1st aid kit to the stone age settlement..or even to Cleopatra..i tell u ar..u come back healing capsule! wahahahah

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Keep dreaming, Agas LOL