Wednesday, 5 November 2008

One Morning

It was close to 8am when Turkish switched on the TV and yelled:

"Obama won!"

I couldn't believe my ears. I ran into the living room to see our flickering screen, to see a huge stage surrounded by Obama supporters and close-ups of many faces with various emotions. Some were grinning widely, some were singing, many were crying happy tears and so forth. We were very lucky to catch the news live!

This was prolly the saying, "I felt like a kid on Christmas morning".

I was ecstatic. I felt so happy after all these months of trailing his campaign, magazine purchases that featured him and spending our time reading articles, loading videos one after another on him etc. I remember some evenings were entirely Obama-ramas LOL

Turkish and I glued ourselves in front of the TV, anticipating for him to deliver the speech at Grant Park, Chicago (Illinois is his home state) but we were also afraid we might be late for work. First day out of our new apartment somemore. Just as Turkish was about to switch it off.. the next President of United States of America made an appearance!

Historical moment not only for America, but the world

Barack Obama kissing his wife, the next First Lady. Michelle

The crowd, the cheer, the celebration of victory :)

Unfortunately, we forgot we weren't in the same country. We are in Russia and the speech was dubbed! Not subtitled!

I nearly puked when the translator said, "Pryvet, Chikahgo".

We watched Obama speak for a few more minutes or so, strained our ears to listen to the softened volume in the background but of course, whoever the translator was prolly felt like he won. WTF. We left and good thing we weren't late for work ;)

Still, we were contented to be able to witness this. Change is the word for real this time. The 1st African-American President of United States of America. Sounds heavy, huhh? Like I said before, we would buy airtickets the very next day should he win.

Errr.. I think we can't do that so soon. We spent a lot on the house so looks like I have to keep the Danish Dream for a while before moving on to the American Dream. Hahahahahaa I am so funny.

This is it. Barack Obama. President Barack Obama :)

Internet is perfect. Youtube rocks :)

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