Thursday, 13 November 2008

Christmas Tree

My father's words, in memory : "Meli Qischmast".

Yesterday before Vitali showed up to fix the fridge, Turkish came home with a huge box. I was so curious about its contents, at first I thought he had bought me a mirror. Can you believe I've survived for a week plus without looking at myself (except for my face on the bathroom mirror). It wasn't a mirror. Guess what it was?

A mini Christmas tree!

It's mine and also our first Christmas tree!

I've made 1-D Christmas trees flat out on the walls with tinsels before but never had a proper one. I mean, my family's main celebration is Chinese New Year so Christmas celebrations take place at my friends'/neighbours. Aaaahhh.. Turkish is extremely sweet! He only bought the tree though, without a single ornament. Hahahahaa the tree is damn bogel (BM=nude). I don't think it's too early to be into the festive mood. If shop already sells them, what are we waiting for? ;)

Turkish working on the fake leaves LOL

I can't wait for Turkish to return from work! This evening we will start hang the fancy ornaments I bought earlier! Everything's so pretty I just wanted to grab the entire store but no need to hurry. Long way more till December :)

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