Friday, 7 November 2008

Our Settlement

My father's words, in memory : "Our stomach is the one thing with true justice, not even the judge could be so fair. We eat when we are hungry. We eat when we want but we can only eat till we can eat no more because everything comes out once it has had too much".

House No.29A

We are 90% settled in our apartment. The location is good, transportation is incredible. The bus stops and mini buses are close to our doorstep. Both are available frequently, punctual too! I don't go to M.Ulitsa 1905 anymore but directly to the M.Krasnopresnenskaya (ring line) which is very convenient to get just about anywhere in Moscow.

The shops in our neighbourhood is convenient, mostly located around the block so we can do our grocery-shopping easily. There are 2 supermarkets and several kiosks on the pavement that sell beverages and vegetables individually. I usually cook with fresh meat meaning I actually buy either poultry or pork on daily basis. I know it's a bit silly but fresh is the best! ;)

DIKSI - the cheap supermarket chain filled with senile shoppers LOL

They always hire unfriendly cashiers with a bad attitude

This was taken from another grocery shop

The poultry section

They have extremely fresh vegetables! :)

My grocery shopping bag contains tonight's dinner!
Please pay no attention to the spring onions that's peeking out :P

We are officially residents of Strelbischensky Pereulok (yeahh, that's our address), I'm cooking a feast for us. Okaylahhh, not to say dinner's gonna be damn grand but Turkish loves to eat everything I've cooked so far.. *even Instant Noodles taste like Shark's Fin Soup for him ;) It'll just be something nice!

*it's a figure of speech, he's never tried Shark's Fin soup LOL

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