Saturday, 22 November 2008

Puppet Show

The puppet show was superb! I loved it! :)

Turkish and I went to the State Academic Puppet Theatre of O.V. Obraztsov at M.Svetnoi Bulvar. It was amazing! It was as entertaining for children as well as for adults, definitely. We always arrive an hour earlier to check out the place/building/area, today was no exception. We got there and it was crowded with families and their kids.

Our pre-purchased tickets ;)

Hahahahaa such old poster design for Puss In Boots

The theatre is old, its architecture is a big give away. We went to scout its Puppet Museum and every step we took came in great awe. This Obraztsov founder/puppeteer/legend was a hero. His collection of puppets and dolls from all over the world throughout the decades is the largest in Russia and one of the largest in the world. Good stuff!

Bonome and Tilapen are hand-puppets from Belgium!

Russian version of Pinocchio.. meet Buratino!

French puppet show booth, in beginning of 20th century

19th century folk puppet performance in Uzbekistan

Our very own, almost extinct wayang kulit! (shadow puppets)

Mr.Obraztsov traveled all over the world with his puppets (poster)

V for Vendetta! LOL

No surprise that the theatre was full-house. It was relatively noisy as 80% of the audience were kids. Some monkeys, some noisy ones and I suspected some of them didn't even know where they were. I think everyone is familiar with the fairy tale of Puss In Boots (forget the big-eyed kitty from Shrek) so the storyline is the same. The language is in Russian but it was easy to understand, for kids, remember? ;)

Simple yet impressive enough interiors

Turkish and I *giggles*

Snippets from the almost 1 1/2hours show

Foooooshh.. people mountain, people sea

I thought we sat a little far behind. The next time we go again, we are definitely buying front seats! The stage is huge, raised and very colourful. We saw the performance well from our seats (we sat quite behind) but I'd like to see them upclose! I think it's one thing that anyone should do before leaving Russia!

It's entertainment from the past and almost magical.


~fall3n ang3l~ said...

sooooooo long time never heard the words 'people mountain people sea' ad...hahaha
it makes me laugh~~


Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Me too. That's why I decided to use that phrase LOL

peanut said...

the stage looks like very small.. need to bring binocular to see the details kot.. like those wicked lady showed in movies with one hand holding the fan and flapping there while another hand holding binocular.. hehehe..

so bersemangat laa u all go visit all these places and show, i never even step into the puppet theater here.. shall go when i'm more loaded with $$ later.. :P

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

The stage is gigantic but we sat 2nd last row LOL No need so much money for these semangatlahh.. only 200pyb!