Friday, 21 November 2008

Strike Out

I'm hardly a planner. Back in those days when I was always on-the-go, things were carried out spontaneously. Even if I plan to do somethings, I never go into the details especially when it comes to timing. But here, years of living in Russia gave me a good watch.

No pun intended LOL

Now I kinda like planning things ahead and setting them right.

I was excited for the weekend because of tomorrow's Kukla Show and our trip to Vladimir on Sunday. The Kukla Show was another surprise discovery because last weekend, we passed by the Puppet Theatre and saw a long line at the counter. We jumped into the bandwagon and got ourselves 2 tickets! I'm very curious what it's like! ;)

Except ours is Puss In Boots.. not Pinocchio!

Unfortunately, I have some zacheot to give either on next Monday or Tuesday so Turkish and I have agreed to postpone our Sunday plan! (noOoooOOOOo..) I need some time to read up on Leprosy and Leishmaniasis. Hahahahaa maybe some of you missed my earlier post, I am an Ordinatura meaning I am doing my Masters in a certain field. When one specialises, it's equivalent to studying too minus thesis-writing. So yeahh, I do have to read up and get tested on diseases that require knowledge.

I'm not even sure if I have time to go shopping! My boyfriend's birthday is on the 28th this month, that's next Friday! Arrggghhhh.. and I have NO idea what to get or do for him. Maybe we will celebrate it in Vladimir during the weekends or something. Suggestion? :)

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