Friday, 28 November 2008

Extra Class

There was yet another Dermatology conference at Dom Ucheonei (House of Science) where our graduation took place today. Hehehee I attended it this morning, any reason to miss work. It was pretty good! The conference was held by the Derma-venerealogy Dept. of the Russian Medical Academy of Specialisation. Many famous professors were VIPs of the event, including Prof.Ivanov from our hospital.

I got there at 9am to register. Didn't see any of my colleagues (not like we planned to meet or anything but I heard they were interested to come). Anyways, I went up to the 2nd Floor to see many girls, both plain and hot. There were many pharmaceutical companies promoting their products, distributing pamphlets and giving out free cream samples etc. I took a few bags myself.

Free advertising for them :)

I know how to dress for the right occasions okay :P

Booths patronised by medical enthusiasts

The theme for this conference was "New In Aesthetic Dermatology- Science and Practice" (known as Cosmetology/beauty treatment/any name to make fake sounds real LOL) which was interesting. The presentatives covered topics such as Role of Aesthetic Dermatology, Topical and Complex Treatment For Skin, Problems of Illnesses for Laser Therapy, Alternative Therapy for Keloid Scars, introduction of this drug, that drug and many more themes on slideshows.
I learned soooooo much in these few hours! :)

If you feel ugly, come to me quick! After you've undergone my beauty care, I promise you that you will realise your old look was never ugly. You did look beautiful *rofl*.

The opening presentation by the organising Academy

One of my favourite presenters, Dr.Yarovaya
(briefly done but packed with vital information)

90% of the attendants were females, like myself LOL

There was coffee break in between the sessions. Not to say very grand but at least they served us Bread with Ham plus unlimited coffee and tea to go with. I should really attend more of these conferences. Some are exclusive, only by invitations and some require fee payment (from 500pyb to 500euros). This one I attended was free and even came home with a cheapkai Certificate of Attendance LOL

Book sales! Too bad I didn't bring money with me today :(

Hahahahahaa it's not as ugly as it looks


Kev said...

Yup the comment works :) yippee...
btw, you look nice in that boots - sexy ...ok back to work.

Witty Angel said...

CJ!is there anything that i can take to get away from all those ugly scars(from the pimples..hehe)?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

They can't be that bad what, you still look so cute! But if the scars are like craters.. then dermabrasion(micro) should be the answer :)

Anonymous said...
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Johnny Ong said...

haha they tried to write yr name in russian too

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Everything's in Russian here :)