Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Taras Bulba

Turkish took me out for dinner this evening. He said the light falling snow makes city walks romantic. We took a walk towards Hermitage Gardens and I can tell you I was shivering each time the cold, hard wind blew. I can't recall the romantic part LOL

I'm not sure what this phenomenon is called.. "ice on roads"
It's very slippery and if not careful, you'll land on your butt!

We went to Korchma near M.Pushkinskaya on Ulitsa Petrovka (main branch). We have walked past many other branches of this Ukrainian cuisine restaurant at many districts but oddly, we only decided to try out the joint today. Korchma was established in 1999 and today, there are 14 branches. I'm telling you.. I should open up an eatery outlet too! Afterall, Moscow is the most expensive city in the world. Nobody will complain if the price is ridiculously high. The Russian Richie Rich families and foreign expats like.

Taras Bulba.. can't get more Ukrainian with that name!

They deliver too :)

The menu is as thick as the Biochemistry textbook. They sure have a HUGE variety of everything. I couldn't even hold the menu properly. The prints were on colourful and fancy background, I had a hard time reading its contents. Turkish likes when the restaurant has so much to offer but I prefer otherwise. Sometimes I can't even make up my mind after the next table had finished their meal and left.

I don't really fancy its interiors *shrugs*

I like the beeper though!
Very efficient! The waiter came immediately!

I find this painting on the wall (beside us) sooooooo cute!

Prices are very affordable and at Korchma, you can order half portion. That way, you can easily try more appertizers/dishes. I'm sure the chef cooks authentic Ukrainian cuisine. Their Borscht is lip-smackingly delicious! We both had Pork dishes, pheasant style which was very filling! In the end, we were too bloated to have Dessert! Ooohh.. one reminder about the garnish. They don't come with the Main Dish (charged separately) so don't be surprised if the bill comes a few hundred roubles extra. I mean, we were LOL

Me posing drinking some Homemade Kvass LOL

Borscht is indeed Ukrainian, not Russian!

Turkish said the Green Borscht like his mum's Chicken Soup

He also said the Pork Baked On Egg is similar to Schnitzel LOL

My Pork Cutlet with Buckwheat! OooOooohhh.. very the yums!

Since we couldn't budge, we decided to end our meal with Ukrainian tea. Okaylahh, taste the same like every other :P Then I started to look around.. I observed 2 things. 1 is that we weren't the only foreigners. English was heard left and right, very loudly too (after all the Taras Bulba Hot Shots (pepper vodka)). 2 is that I was the only female in the area, now how strange is that! I was surrounded by non-smoking local and foreign men! Now THAT is rare LOL

What an evening.


Johnny Ong said...

surprised to see various pork dishes being served there. meaning to say that all russian restaurants are non-halal la

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Russia isn't an Islamic country. Even in Malaysia non-halal restaurants are left and right. Why are you surprised? :)