Saturday, 29 November 2008

Mystic Mists

Turkish and I took a bus to Vladimir this morning. Hahahahaa my ass was numb from the 3-hour ride there and back. Total time we spent exploring the place? A little close to 4 hours! Too little! We only managed to get a thorough superficial view of the city and I must say, Vladimir has much to offer.

We headed toward Nizhny Novgorod on M7 highway

Thank God the driver made a pit stop!
(I set the timer and miscued Turkish's head LOL)

I wanted to stay a night so that we could fully enjoy the historical capital but Turkish disagreed. Since its neighbouring town, Suzdal is just another 1/2hour ride away (by car), I insisted until I realised our camera was running out of battery. Guess we'll have to keep a raincheck then :P

The weather was very gloomy. It made the view not too attractive, just old and sad. Plus you know there's something wrong with our camera.. the pictures aren't as nice as before *sniff, sniff*. Anyways, we covered the cathedrals inscribed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, visited the Water Tower, encircled the Golden Gate, caught a breathtaking view of the valley and Klyazma *woot, woot*.. come to think of it, we basically saw 80% of what we were supposed to see.

Vladimir is very tourist-friendly.. it's easy to get around!

Ta-daaaaa.. the Assumption Cathedral in the background :)

View of the Klyazma River..

The east side of town and the Water Tower (arrowed)

The Water Tower turned Historical Museum upclose

Boring museum with heavy ass doors!

To see pictures of Vladimir in its heydays LOL

Turkish and the Golden Gate (left)
and 1/4 of the Holy Trinity Church (right)

Main street of Vladimir, Ulitsa Bolshaya Moskovskaya

Turkish longed for Mister Gamburger which I denied him LOL

Pardon my expression!
I wasn't very serious in front of the Roman

Catholic Church of the Holy Rosary of the Virgin Mary :P

Okaylahhh.. enough of these unflattering pictures. Should we visit Vladimir again, hopefully with some sunshine, let's hope for a more picturesque effect AND make it all the way to Suzdal WITH enough battery to last :)

On the bus, returning to Moscow


Anonymous said...

Vladimir is so close to Nizhny time visit NN too!=)

peanut said...

eh.. the place like quite nice onli! so nice each week can go new places!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Yes, yes. We followed the M7 highway and it's to Nizhny's direction :)

Mich3ll3 said...

Your boyfriend and you are a lovely match.... so sweeeeeeet :0)