Monday, 3 November 2008

New Roof

It was a blessing in disguise having to postpone our move from one day to another actually! Since we have 2 days of holidays (4th November being National Unity Day), we shifted half our things over earlier this evening (another half tomorrow).

Turkish brought the carpenters and drivers from his company so we didnt have to do much. Well, I didn't do anything LOL I felt a bit useless standing around but when I was finally useful, I was bossy like pointing them where to place the furniture :P We got ourselves a Queen size bed and I love it! It's pristine white, looks SO cute! Our bedroom is very spacious, we could easily fit 3 of these beds!

I feel much better now. It was truly fate that the shift took place today. Of course, we are back to the primitive era without Internet connection. I knew I can't be blogging for a couple of days and what was worse.. we can't track the US elections! I miss reading and loading news clips about Barack Obama's progress! *sniff, sniff* We have a good feeling that he would win. His victory lies in the hands of the Americans now!

I took some pictures of the shift. The workers exchanged looks when I whipped out the camera. Like I said, I was just standing around LOL

Imagine 3-4x more of this pile

Turkish trying to remove the curtains left by previous tenants

The good man who set up our bed (without referring the manual!)

Well.. posing with the manual isn't a crime what :P

Meaning.. Danish dreams! LOL

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