Sunday, 16 November 2008

Items Envy

My father's words, in memory : "Some people has never seen a big snake shit. They tend to exaggerate and behave inappropriately. If you come across these people, just let them be".

It's been a while since we last visited a museum. Turkish took me to the All-Russian Decorative-Applied and Folks Art Museum this afternoon. It houses a great number of collection from 16th century, delicate porcelains designs, beautiful furniture made of godly craftmanship, and many more handcrafts that present-day folks can't possibly create to perfection.

Cheapkai tickets tore with a ruler LOL

Welcome to gawk at priceless objects you can't bring home!

We spent 3 hours in there, oogling at the antiques.

Gorgeous ol' porcelain vessel.. good to serve black peanuts LOL

Very cute tea set with Middle Eastern touch to it

Puzzling frame carvings of upside-down stars and Pyramid with Eye

Turkish observing the missing chess pieces

I cried outloud at this Rococco vase..
It's damn,damn, damn beautiful *sniff*

Hahahahaa the miniature bronze cannon which tickled us

Can't own any of it but nice to see them in the showcases

We also walked through the 4th Russian Glass Triennale Exhibition held in the basement of the building, which was.. interesting. I should take up glass art soon! Some of the displays are boring but there are some which were absolutely breath-taking. Too bad the old ladies (curators) with hawk eyes were at all corners. We couldn't snap too many of my favourite ones :(

Walking along the hallway of the exhibition..

The female's butt is so large! LOL

I'd break ALL my piggy banks for this!

Yeahhh, I can't resist writing on Guestbooks every time :P

Aaahh.. before I forget. Lastly, the displays of Russian Folk Art. Admittedly, Russia has rich culture and history. Not that I would indulge much about them but similar to all others, it's always nice to see how different they can be. Maybe in present day, Russians are snobs and morons.. but I'm sure way back in the past, they were friendly people.

Village girl No.1

Village girl No.2

Modern day city girl LOL