Friday, 20 February 2009

Masala Accent

I had it enough with these men from India who works in Moscow. From the middleman who runs my apostille to ticket agents behind computer screens. They all have one thing in common- dodgy. Can't really trust any of them.

How could I trust someone who speaks as if he has stuffed sausages in his mouth? I can barely understand the contents in a conversation, and every time he repeats the topic.. it changes. For example 630pm today could turn into next 6 days.

You catch my drift?

Don't get me wrong. My annoyance is directed at certain people, not the whole 1 billion plus population. I've studied with my Indian counterparts in uni and the girls are sweet darlings. The guys are fine but we were more on Hi and Bye basis. But these so-called businessmen, now they are people you would want to be careful about.

Don't take their "No probLEM" and "Okay" with confidence.

I don't wanna go into the details but let me just say, there is a price to pay. I'm quite relieved we got our tickets from Al-Amin today, after much hassle. I think we are on a bad row of events. Let's just hope for better days to come. Al-Amin is the only agency that has the lowest flight prices, even cheaper for students. Flash an ISIC and you will truly feel the benefits of a plastic.

Turkish and I are flying to Istanbul on 11 March! I hope it won't be so cold there (he assured me it won't be as cold as Moscow).

I'll never forget Saiful.. he took an hour to issue our tickets

Istanbul.. I'm coming again! LOL

Ooohhh, in the picture at the corner of Saiful's desk.. is a pile of minizines entitled POSITIVE published by the Moscow Malaysian Fellowship. We were given a copy. Meant for internal circulation and not for sale, I hope my post wouldn't be an offence to their organisation. It's quite an interesting read, I must say. It is comprises of writings by students and adaptations from other works as well.

I'm telling you! The medical students from Russia aren't just doctors, they have so much more than meets the stethoscope! ;)

Spread the religion, spread the love ;)

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