Saturday, 28 March 2009

Absorbing Sunshine

Weatherman decided it's time to bring in the sun so that we can have some fun now! :)

Tolga practically dragged me out of the house and we went to explore Beşiktaş (pronounced as Beshik-tash). It's a lovely district by the coast of the Bosphorus. OMG. The seawaters were so pretty, shining under the bright blue sky. It wasn't too windy which was good because the wind always messes my hair.

I'm sure the place is often crowded but I'd like to think the weather played a part today. It was extra crowded. There was a Bazaar selling miscelleneous items ranging from clothings to magnets, hair clips to collectables.. Everything was so pretty! But cutthroat prices meant for tourists LOL The sidestreets were very lively. Most people were seated on the benches, getting their share of Vitamin D.

Haven't seen me in action for a while, eh? LOL

Tolga doing what he does best, snooping at old books

These tear-drop/eye-looking ornaments are called Nazar
Also known as Evil Eye believed to protect against the evil eye (curses/jinx by others)

Wooden decos hand-made by this good man.. too bad they were rather costly :(

More of the stalls lined up at the Bazaar

We came to the pier for the Ottoman Neo-Baroque style Ortaköy Mosque. Here, you get the most scenic view of the district. It's the background of the unique religious building of the Muslims and the Bosphorus Bridge that connects European and Asian Istanbul people stick around for.

Hahahahahaa Wikipedia has the same shot.. well, almost!

Schools of jellyfish.. yuck!

Tolga and I *giggles*

See? Even the cat wants some sun! :)


Anonymous said...

i need some sunshine too!!!

YannMay said...

the ornamental wooden lil houses are so cute! good weather and side streets =D