Saturday, 21 March 2009

Different Shape

My boyfriend is so sweet, sometimes he makes me wanna cry.

He asked me if I wanted to eat mooncake. I was surprised because the round-shaped Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake was already formed in my mind. Then before I responded, he quickly corrected it's Turkish-mooncake. I was soooooooooo curious about their version and it turned out to be like this..

I can't scold him because it IS a moon, only crescent-shaped LOL

It's called Aycoregi in Turkish, meaning Mooncake/-cookie

Tolga's Dad bought it fresh from the famous pâtisserie in the next district. It's very soft, and baked stuff are always appetizing. I'm not sure what's for the filling.. it has a combo of crumbling chocolate cake-ish texture, with slight raisin flavour (prolly I bit on some) and some marzipan flavour. Not forgetting the nutty aftertaste from the crust. Not Red Bean or Green Tea! Can dream about Lotus Seed LOL

Round or crescent.. it's still so yummy! :P


YannMay said...

Ho ho ho, mooncake nonetheless! lol.

leo7_lion said...

Ier... The shape looks funny to me, Lol...

michael yip said...

looks nice

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

It's really quite nice, in looks and taste ;)