Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Package Of C4

What a happy day! :)

Yes! Just in time!

My best friends, Sha and Tri sent me a last minute package and by luck, it arrived! I thought it wouldn't. The mailing date was stamped 21 Feb which means it took more or less 2 weeks to reach here. That's a record for such far distance! LOL

Funniest thing was.. Turkish and I discovered the pick-up notice at 6pm sharp (when we returned home). We immediately exited our apartment again, it takes more minutes to pee. We were that quick! Had to rush to the regional post office before closing time to collect it.

Give it to me, give it to me!

The post-lady checking for correct identity

Nokia 6300 acting up..
I still had to snap as soon as I got my hands on it!

My hands were itching to tear the brown envelope open! But Turkish hushed me, said it'll be better to open it nicely at home. Hahahahaaa I had a feeling it's a home-made video recording, Trish's golden voice or some whacked short-film or compilation slideshow and I was right!

It's a slideshow of the C4!


Hahahahaa damn neat handwriting!


A sweet walk down memory lane

Oooohhh.. and why do we call ourselves the C4?

Hahahaaha because we came from Cheras. It was that year when a group of kids from Kajang called themselves the K-Town Clan joined Akademi Fantasia. The little boys some of us knew. We were like, "K-Town my ass. Then we should be the Cheras Four, right".

We were prolly drunk in ZOUK when this came up.

drunk LOL

OMG. I remember when we signed forms or suggestion slips, for "Company".. we had the cheek to fill in "C4"! Those days and nights were good.. so good it makes me want to cry. Back then there was no restrictions, we partied like we should, and as much as we could.

I love you 3 to bits.


YannMay said...

Yea Cheras girls rock! YAY!!! = D

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa right.. once I bumped into your sister and mum in Yulek on a Thursday. Why can I remember so well?

Pasar malam!!! ;)

vialentino said...

i thought it was a c4 bomb package...ish ish...

sAiNtMaYbE said...

chin im glad u love it!!!it took sha n i 2 days to get everything done!we had so much fun picking out pictures n music.love u chin!!hugsss
hidup c4!hahahahha

YannMay said...

LOL! So cute larh you. I guess no more bumping into you anytime near the future in Cheras.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I'm not living in Cheras anymore even if I returned to Malaysia.

My family and I moved to Penang last year ;)