Thursday, 12 March 2009

Since 1975

Today is a very special day for Turkish's parents.
It's their wedding anniversary! His folks said they got married in 1975. Sooooooo sweetlahhh.

This is the 2nd time we celebrated it together. Coincidentally, last year we were here for it too LOL And the last time I was in Istanbul for my summer stay, Turkish and I celebrated our 6-month together. We had a special Cherry Chocolate Cake then and we had it again this evening. This cake is a must at every family occasion :)

34 years of love O_o!

Turkish's Mum was very touched. She said our homecoming is the best gift for them. This family is warm and loving, makes me miss my own. And the classic, traditional cake is very yummy. Lots of cherries and creamy inside. I'm not a big fan of cherries but they're lip-smackingly good!

Anne cutting the cake while Baba watches on

Turkish digging his piece


I found this matchbox damn cute, primitive-looking right. Even the blind can tell what's inside LOL

Ingredient to successful relationships ;)


Wai Keng said...

it's so sweet and fuzzy to see elderly who are still dearly in love. bet Turkish inherited some of his parents' romance =)
btw didn't know that Turkish is really a citizen of Turkey

p/s: are you doing fine there?hope you do.gonna stalk your blog everyday now for more updates.hehe!!

Joethew said...

haha..ur turkish looks like his mum ley..^^

JayneAi said...

good to know that safely reach Istanbul..ya my sis is in mass com.She dares to go for what she wants..she's not afraid of anything..and i really salute her for that but sometimes she's too daring till makes my mum worried too much..haha..that's why i really found ur life its super duper interesting...:) hehe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa seriously. The whole family's very loving!

Joe, he really looks like his mum ya! Next time I'll post a pic of the both of them side by side LOL

Yeahhh, Jayne. I should've been a mass comm student. I think I've got all the traits to be one :)