Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Papa's Place

I remember this restaurant was called Papa John's back then. The waitress told us they have changed management, hence, got its new name after 10 years of operating in Moscow. Whichever Papa this is, I know two things:

1. Food is GOOD.
2. It is cosiderably cheap.

The logo's rather sneaky LOL

Ooooohhh.. Papa's Place. Service is efficient, English-speaking staff and our meals were served in no time. They have Business Lunch too (but today's set combo wasn't so attractive). The menu selection is similar to Starlite Diner's but lower in price. I'm already showing thumbs-up for this place!

I'm damn thrifty with money nowadays so anywhere delicious AND value-for-money is on the top of my list! Hahahahaa and just as spontaneous with the museum visit, we also happened to walk in here when we passed by Myasnitskaya Ulitsa. There weren't many people in the non-smoking section so it was quiet and nice.

The Cream Orange tea is superb! Rooibos and vanilla!!

Hahahaaha I don't know what's up with him

Guess what? Another weekend getaway plan! ;)

Turkish had a Smoke House Burger

I had an extremely sinful Quattro Formaggio
It was that cheesy.. I thought I was chewing meat!

Yums! :)


Juicy said...

Hmm the place looks nice. Hey, looks like you eat out a lot yea? And it's always at nice places. Hmmph!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Nahhhh.. we used to eat out alot but nowadays not anymore really :)