Saturday, 14 March 2009

Rainy Day Out

Soooooooo.. what did I do for the past 2 days? Well, we unpacked 42kgs of baggages (plus the 100kgs we cargo-ed over earlier) from clearing to arranging and vice versa. I can't say we're done but we definitely needed to get some air in the city centre!

Like I've mentioned before, I was in Istanbul twice. Still, this place never seems to run out of activities to do or see. Turkish and I headed to the heart of the city, Taksim Square around noon. It's a busy district packed with tourists and locals alike, concentrated with hotels, shops and restaurants.

Unfortunately, today's weather was crazy.. switching between sudden showers to sunshine reggae. This is the beginning of spring, I guess.

Due to height difference, the umbrella didn't help (me) much LOL

The mini trolley-bus that runs on the pavements of Taksim

Caught a few snapshots in the side streets

One of the older well-maintained buildings

At the end of Istiklal Avenue

Murals of women with headscarfs (done by hobo kids)

Reflection of Turkish on the glass pan (no pun intended LOL)

One of the reasons that makes Istanbul much likable than Moscow is the friendliness of its people and bitches no more! Hardly.. actually almost none of the women on the streets wear killer heels. They are so comfortable to look at, clad in sporty sneakers and natural, naked face (little or no make-up)! LOL

We went into a shop and the staff greeted us with smiling faces, didn't make any purchase but they still grinned as we walked out.. Ooooohhhhh! And photography is welcomed everywhere. Some busybody/kepoh were kind enough to offer help take our picture. This will never happen in Moscow, not in a 100 years.

And we found another joint to substitute our Costa Coffee ;)

The menu's pretty cool, eh?

Ooooooohhhh.. hot chocolate drinks on a rainy day

Gloria, ooohhhh.. Gloria! I'm lovin' you already

I think we will make it nicely in Istanbul ;)


~fall3n ang3l~ said...

the old bus actually looks like the old london bus.)))

n omg... creamy coffee... i miss the cream the most...hahaha....
wat, i need to gain weight anyway..hahaa


Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Costa Coffee!! M.Pushkinskaya ;)

Johnny Ong said...

at least u get take pics wherever u go. was just restricted by a policeman over here from taking picture of a fruit stall .... how ridiculous

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

OMG. Sorry to hear that. They are so conservative.

Sudan is 3rd world country, ya.