Friday, 20 March 2009

A Turkey Blender

I might sound a bit of a fake if I were to say I love everything there is here. But sincerely speaking, there isn't anything to complain about. Food is good, weather is fine and I'm very much looking forward to spring! I can't wait to strip wear light clothings.

Yesterday I might have fallen ill. I woke up with a throbbing headache (on my left temporal) and became nauseous after breakfast. I threw up shortly. Oof, it smelled so bad.. I slept through the day. Tolga's Mum says it's the breeze from the sea front, I caught a wind chill. Hmmmmm.. anyhoos, I am much better today so don't worry :)

We went to a Burek (Turkish=Börek) restaurant for lunch. I'm really getting Turkish-fied pretty quickly because I'm enjoying the Mediterranean flavours more than I imagined. This yummy baked pastry Burek is made of thin slices of dough, either with minced meat/cheese/potatoes stuffings. Sometimes I get a bloated from eating this! Ah!
Börek is like traditional Italian lasagna, without the tomato sauce ;)

Partly cloudy.. partly sunny weather

Small portion of my plate of Cheese Börek

Turkish tea cup, shaped like the tulip-flower

Common sight of guys walking arm in arms
I found in kinda funny but I'm used to it now

Later after lunch, I went shopping with Tolga's Mum. We were in an electronic shop looking for some gadgets. An electrical juicer caught my eye, a local name which was quite cheap. Ooohhh.. my love for orange juice. The nosy sales assistant was hovering us the minute we walked in, so we conveniently asked him about the item. He explained the functions, the watt and then guess what he also said?

"I believe it's Made In China".

Hahahahahahahaa he was so damn proud of himself when he said that.
OMG. I should have made him pose with the bloody juicer, snap a picture of him then load it up here!

What an idiot. Best yet, it was made in Spain.

But overall, Turkish people are relatively friendly and harmless. They don't mean to offend really, and in this case, this sales assistant was prolly trying to impress me (by saying the goods Made In China??? :P). He definitely left an impression alright! LOL

Newsflash. I'm turning into this packet of potato chips.

Ala Turca = Turkish


aManda玲慧 said...

Why guys there like to walk arm in arms?

JayneAi said...

haha...really a..they walk arm in arms...haha:) cool..but looks gay..its so common in gurls but not for guys ... why??? haha
stay blessed ...muaks huGZ

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

According to my boyfriend, and in my Beginner's Turkish book.. it's their way of showing affection (among males).

When two guys meet, it's custom to kiss each other on both cheeks.

Anonymous said...
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