Sunday, 1 March 2009

Kolomna Kremlin

Another weekend getaway! :)

Turkish and I visited Kolomna earlier today, which was both fun and agonizing. Fun was roaming around the ancient city (founded in 1177) and agonizing was the discomfort from my period (arrived this morning). Visiting with aunt's visit.

The story of how we got there itself was hilarious.

We were supposed to take a Intercity bus from M.Vykhino and as we were looking for it, I overheard a man coughing *Kolomna*. There was a petite woman next to him. I asked where they were headed and he said, "Kolomna" softly. Next thing we did was, hopped into his Lada (150pyb per passenger) and we reached there in 1 1/2 hour!

Hahahahhaa no fear of danger.

Check out the driver's expression LOL

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Kolomna!

Kolomna is a sister city of Moscow, meaning they share similarities in geographical and political aspects, in cultural linkage and historical background. It is located 90km south-east from Moscow, at the confluence of Moskva and Oka Rivers. Just like good ol' Kuala Lumpur, we sit on the meeting of Klang and Gombak Rivers.

We were keen on coming here because of its old town and the Kremlin, a citadel like Moscow's Red Square. It was once part of the Great Abatis Border, a chain of fortifation lines to wallproof the invasions of Crimean Tatars. Behind this large fortress are many Russian Orthodox churches and monasteries. So many, it's like you're spoilt for choice where to convey your prayers LOL

Preserve culture and history like we should

Part of the 1970 metres red-brick wall

Looking for directions by the Uspensky Cathedral

Memorial of religious teacher-saints, Kyril and Mephodii

View of the churchyard all around

I admit that I wasn't in my top form to travel and I was constantly groaning in pain. I felt sorry for making us come here yet I didn't want to end the trip. We could have seen more than we did, because we only managed to explore the Old Town. Turkish was a real darling with my condition. He said, "It was enough just to breath the Kolomna air".

Awwwww.. so sweet! *didn't help ease my torment but made me smile*. Hahahahahahaa I can imagine myself scolding him if he were in my position, all the fuss and complaints.

The neighbourhood outside the Kremlin was so peaceful. There were hardly any cars, in fact, we didn't really see any inhabitants. It was nice to see Russians actually live in cottage houses for a change. In Moscow, apartments are all there is. I bet back then, Kolomna folks had skillful builders and blacksmiths. They have pretty impressive wooden architectures.

Hmmmm.. the serenity of the outskirts

The residents might chase me away with pitchforks

The Ascenscion Cathedral under restoration

Partial panaromic view of the Kremlin

By the Moskva River

I couldn't believe there wasn't any restaurants or cafes in sight. It was just so strange. People here don't eat out or what? They expect tourists to cook their own meals, I guess. We usually like to try local outlets but seems like it was unavailable here. Ohhhh well, better luck next time!

It's really okay to whine LOL

I'm hoping we could hit a town every weekend ;)


~fall3n ang3l~ said...

i'm sooo soooo soooo jealous tat u can really travel around like tat..))

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

You can do it too, just like how you're active around the city now :)

YannMay said...

So nice, always going around visiting places and theaters. *envious* and the with the weather, I salute you =D

Juicy said...

Oh Eve, the last picture is gorgeous. Should frame it up. Looks so romantic :D