Thursday, 5 March 2009

Loreal 6.5

Never learned from the past.

Old habits die hard. NooOOOoo..

I dyed my hair by myself.

Got cheated by the colour. Again.

Actually I can't remember what is my hair's original colour before I damaged it with chemicals on time after another. My first colour was orange highlights. Hahahahaaa I swear my hair looked like tiger's pelt.

Then it was between wine red and brown, periodically. I've had plum colour before. Once it was pink (that was crazy) and another time, a totally unnecessary black.

It's not even an addiction. It just irritates me to see my an inch of roots from my scalp with mismatched colours. I always vowed to let them grow but obviously I failed at that. So yesterday evening, I gave a little touch up to it and you know what?

Happily applying the dye like
there's really Venetian crystals in them

Little did I know..


I need to seek professional help. Inhaling the fumes in the tiny bathroom wasn't very clever and absolutely unworthy. But hairdressers are so damn expensive in Moscow, I have to resort to DIY. Last year the same attempt was also done in March (2008). But this time it was my own mistake because I couldn't make up my mind which colour to choose from in the shop.

My hair colour is suppose to look like that

Ohhhh well.. far from it

Should have bought a darker brown. I need to blend in the faded colours on my hair, not on the roots. OMG. Must I learn rocket science just to handle my hair! If only I can pull up my socks to stay original..

I wouldn't be writing about this LOL


~fall3n ang3l~ said...

hahaha...if only extensive dyeing of hair wont lead to prostate cancer.. i would definitely have blond hair now..hahahaha


Johnny Ong said...

the non-pro result hehe

Anonymous said...

"It just irritates me to see my an inch of roots from my scalp with mismatched colours." yup,and that's why ppl keep on dying and dying the hair once it started,unless dye it black again..but i tak sampai hati..haha..^^

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Aaahhhh.. someone who understands my dilemma! LOL