Thursday, 12 March 2009

Final Moscow Flight

Our flight SU 207 Moscow-Istanbul on Aeroflot was alot of fun.

Istanbul, here we come!

My last stamp.. prolly for a long, long time

It was as though we left with bright, positive feelings towards the horizon.. hopeful for a better path ahead, rays of the sun shining in our faces ;) Everything was so smooth from leaving our apartment to the airport (no traffic), even with 4 gigantic bags (not overweight), Russian passport control let me through without hassle (less than 5 minutes) and flight was comfortable (turbulence-free).

I've flown on an airplane nearly a 100 times but this time, it felt like our first LOL

Reading the emergency manual

Can you believe..
197 pages of Russian and less than 20 of English?

The air-hostess showed us how to use the safety jacket

The vital lights above our heads

Hahahahaha Tri, you'll love this


Ooohhh, you know the bill of "No free alcohol on board" has been passed. As of March 1st (if I remember correctly), Aeroflot passangers will have to purchase their own alcohol-based drinks. Beer, vodka, wine.. all of it. This is to prevent unwanted incidents which have occurred in the past like violence and nuisance caused by drunk flyers. I read in the article that one passenger was so out of control, he threatened to crash the plane and charged up to the cockpit. Took 5 crew members to hold him down!

Good riddance.

The beverage cart in our service

Good ol' juices, mine's Orange and Turkish had Tomato

Yucky meal - Steamed Fish and Potatoes

For safety precautions.. hot tea in double cups!

We flew for 2 hours 45 minutes hours without entertainment, music nor playing cards. All I could do was fiddle with my camera, snap here and there though I think it's prohibited. They always say switch off all electronics :P I went to the toilet once, fell asleep twice.

Over the Black Sea

Aaaaahhh.. land! LOL

We arrived at Istanbul Ataturk Airport

We'll start anew together

All said and done, I really hope things will work out for us. Country-hopping seems fun but it's time I settle down in one place. It's funny why I'm always off to a foreignland that is really foreign, a non-English speaking country until I need to speak the tongue too.

We'll be living in Sariyer district, which is about 15 minutes drive from Istanbul proper. Hahahahaahaa Turkish's house is by the seaside and the seagulls are going to irritate the shit out of me. No more pigeons! Good thing is, I'll be able to witness Black Sea dolphins by myself. He always told me they swim with the passing ships but I never saw them in my previous visits here! Same with the hedgehogs in his garden. Never! LOL

Go straight, chin up!


JayneAi said...

nice blog pic:)...aww dint knw u left moscow for good...OMG....really admire ur courage...ur just like my sis super adventures and brave...wish u both all the best..cant wait fr u to blog bout Istanbul...really wanted to go to TURKEY so much..mbe next time u can be our tour guide there when we visit TURKEY:)hehehe HUGZ

leo7_lion said...

Wow, I can see you really really enjoy your day^^

Anonymous said...

haha..i had the exactly yucky meal as u ler..enjoy istanbul!^^

wendy said...

chinjoo! u left moscow for good??
y never tell us!?!?!?! no farewell, byebye kisses n hugs?
arh!! NOOOO~ hahhaha... but am very extremely happy for u.. all the best in ur future undertakings.. so, wat's ur plan gonna be? getting married there? :P
muaks.. take care dear..

Johnny Ong said...

oh wow, i really love the photo of yr blog header ...... fantastic view indeed

AmyKsy said...

wow chin joo! what a surprise. here I am blog hopping and when I read your post it just dawned to me that you left Moscow for good. No wonder you have been traveling around during uni days!
anyways happy for you. Take care in Istanbul. And yea, its the road not taken but surely it'll be a fruitful and great one :)

chiiliyeow said...

CJ!you folks have my blessings..I wish you good things in your new phase of life!!love

Lee Agas Guang said...

dangz..for good? Well, all the best and may I see the next header photo your wedding ceremony! :)

peanut said...

wah.. jauh pergi! no chance to tumpang ur moscow apartment d lor!

mei lin said...

Chinny, you've left moscow??

Good luck in Istanbul! A whole new adventure for you. Take care over there! x

Juicy said...

Eve, I didn't know that you've moved to Istanbul for good! Omg, you take care there. Hope you will write more :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Now you guys know ;)
I'll keep writing from time to time, don't worry!