Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cartoon For Life

Tolga, his Mum and I went to the Labour And Social Security Department to inquire my social security application, pension later in life and insurance.

But what I really liked and blog about today is the Cartoon and Humour Museum (close to the administrative building). Ooooohhh.. it brought the level of leniency to a higher level. Not only the museum was free admission, photography - goes without saying a OK and surprisingly, there wasn't any security! (there were actually but both of them were fixing the entrance sign ;P)

I felt compelled to steal a sketch of two. If I did get caught.. I'd just say "I was just trying to be funny". Hahahahahahahaa I'm good.

We went through the gates and they were like, "Make yourselves a comfortable visit, ya"

Established on 27 February 1989 but cartoons have been drawn in Turkey as early as the 1800s

Nasreddin Hodja (1208-1285) is the master of Turkish humorists
His oral stories have been passed down for generations.. reminds me of Cerita Pak Pandir

Hahahahahaa we couldn't stop laughing at this one

Hmmmm.. if only it could be applied to real life on global scale

Teodor Kasap the cartoonist was imprisoned in 1877 for publishing this sketch
His cartoon was meant to criticize the law of censorship of the press at that time

Some pretty Americanized drawings, including Uncle Sam LOL

All of its display have English translation. The museum consists of the permanent and temporary exhibition halls, the Humour Library that houses collections of published humour and other works, the Archives section, and the Original Printing Workshop. Enthusiasts may come to learn in the workshop taught by an expert cartoonist without payment. Exhibitions are then held to display the works produced by the students.

Maybe I should get my hands on printing some, one of these days! ;)

Avni, a popular cartoon character who is retarded and always up to no good LOL

Hehehehee the symbol makes me wanna laught already

One small corner of the library

Tolga checking out their stash (ooohhhh.. he's such a bookworm LOL)

This lady is prolly one of the expert cartoonists in the workshop!

And a little bit about the Valens Aqueduct (Turkish=Bozdoğan Kemeri) before I finish.

The Cartoon and Humour Museum is located next to the ancient water cistern in the Byzantium times. It was a major aquaduct system built to convey water for the city. It's one of the most notable Roman architectures, definitely one of the most important landmarks too but only a small surviving section of it remains. I've passed through the gates twice while in a car but after we got out of the museum, I managed to take a picture of it :)

In the courtyard, as you can see the partial arch-wall in the background

A full view of it from the sidewalk ;)


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

so nice you always can go visit something interest! cartoon make me think back kid times haha

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehehee kid times were good, huh.