Sunday, 22 March 2009

Miniature Rooms

Hehehehe it's nice that our exhibition-visiting practice is continued here in Istanbul.

It's also nice that there are many events going on in the city. Unlike Moscow, it is scattered all over the place. All over the place meaning both on the European and Asian side. Traveling might take up a bit more time and hassle compared to the convenience of Metro we used to have :(

Anyhoos, nothing stopped us.
And guess what, Tolga's parents enjoy arts in every form too!

They love musicals, concerts, theatrical performances and the whole list. It was Tolga's Mum's idea to go to Henry Kupjack's exhibition of Miniature Rooms. Henry Kupjack's a famous American miniaturist for his delicate crafts of rooms complete with all the minute details in line with their real-life originals.

Henry Kupjack's feat of 21 Miniature Rooms display

19th century saloon (bar) in San Francisco

A room of Victorian/French influence in New Orleans

Oooohhh.. I fell in love with this spiral stairs!

Again, I must emphasize on the freedom of taking pictures at these places. I still cannot fathom why Russians are so anal about cameras, what the hell is wrong with them. You know, when I was going to bring out my Sony.. I had to look left and right, took it out slowly as though it was a gun.

Hahahahahaha I need to get used to the freedom, really.

Hahahahaha check out the security guards yakking away

Tolga's Dad and I share the same hobby!

Can you see me in the mirror of Louis XVI Dining Room? ;)

Tolga's Mum observing the minute details of an ancient Japanese kitchen

An amazing 3-month work of a 18th century Turkish coffee-house

"My aim is to make the rooms so real that they give onlookers a feeling as though they were inside the room" - Henry Kupjack.

He definitely did alright!


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

i still think those are real places and real stairs... is only small small ar.. haha...

JayneAi said...

so nice if i have one to play a doll house..:P hehe

Borneo Falcon said...

So fine and detailed work of art

Krissie said...

Wah....the miniatures are so lovely! I love it!! :D

YannMay said...

So delicate and minuscule intricate details! Talk about attention to details! Very interesting, I like! =D

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

How nice if I could stay in there! But I'll have to be a miniature :X