Monday, 30 March 2009

Lying Through Teeth

Tolga saw 3 dentists in 3 different countries in 2 months
1. Malaysia 2. Russia 3. Turkey.. enough to last till next year

I fucking hate Russian women (those stupid sluts, bitches without hearts so rotten they should eat shit).

When we were in Moscow, Tolga went to the Dental Hospital to fix his 2nd molar because it gave him pain between hot and cold temperature. The temporary filling from Dr.Chew was supposed to be removed and his nerve retracted, if the pain prolongs which was what the Russian dentist did last month.

Except, she did it in another tooth!

That bitch assured us that she took out the temporary filling, retracted the nerve and patched it up nicely. Did the x-ray a couple of times and charged us a bomb, grinning from ear to ear. We were naturally relieved because Tolga didn't have to be in pain again but a couple of weeks ago, he was complaining of the "sensitive feeling".

We quickly went to the family's dentist, Dr.Tezulash for consultation. By the way, Dr.Tezulash is such a sweetheart, soft-spoken and friendly. Tolga conveyed to me that we were cheated. WE WERE CHEATED. That bitch didn't take out the temporary filling. She instead took out the 3rd molar and God knows why she retracted the nerve.. or if she even did do it! She left the 2nd molar to rot.

Stupid bitch.

The pain which returned to bug Tolga turned out to be some minor gum infection :( Poor thing. But it's all good now. Both 2nd and 3rd molar are treated accordingly. I can't stop cursing that bitch of a dentist. She and the rest of her dishonest race of Russian women should be executed.

Enough said. Blyat!


YannMay said...

Wah such professionalism! And a damn good liar at that too. *shakes head*

Juicy said...

Goodness how can that happened. Hope Tolga is alright now :)

Say hi to him, get him to gurgle with salt water. That will help. This is a very useful advice from Malaysia ey :P

Johnny Ong said...

wah, that dentist is good la. she did everything convincingly but too bad she's in the wrong line. such duping won't earn her much so shld change line to those that can earn more at one go haha

Chin Joo said...

Dentist is also a doctor but she isn't saving lives, that's for sure.

Thanks for the advice, Yan.

And come to think of it.. people fear going to the dentist for a good reason.

JayneAi said... scarry....russian dentist if u meet the wrong one...there's a big dead stupid la that lady dentist hopefully somebody will sue so that she'll not cheat ppl anymore...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

And you know how many Russians will tell that their health was compromised/endangered by the Stomatolog.