Sunday, 29 March 2009

Local Level Election

It's so funny that I went with Tolga and his family to vote this morning. You know, I've never participated in an election. Hahahahaa at least not in my country. I supported Obama in the US Election 2009 and witnessed in person today ;)

The title is local level election because voters stamp for their ideal candidate to run their city/district/neighbourhood. Good thing it's over now because I can't stand the party banners and flags. Wind in Istanbul is so strong, they are usually blown all over the place or fallen.

Hehehehe it was held in the public school down our street which was great because we just walked there. Roads were pretty jammed up today. Other districts could have theirs in public schools or any public institution that can accomodate the population of that area. Tolga's parents stopped here and there for a chat whenever they bumped into neighbour friends.

Façade of Sariyer Public School

Tolga, his parents and the others waiting in line to do their part

Drawings the elementary schoolkids did! So cute.

Tolga's Dad closing in to his turn

The volunteers in charge of the ballots, who also happened to catch me snapping pictures

Tolga behind the carton
Hahahahahaa a bit the primitive right?

Sorry, can't disclose who they voted for! ;)


leo7_lion said...

Voting always hv to been in sch, Why ar? Help us to bring back school time memory ka? lol

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hmmmmm.. prolly many classrooms to accomodate the voters :)

Damn sad if the fella got bad school memories. He/She won't go and vote LOL

Johnny Ong said...

where got primitive. malaysia also has a steel box covering us from being seen

Chin Joo said...

Malaysia's steel? Oooohhh.. this one was carton boxes LOL