Saturday, 7 March 2009

Restricted Area

I think we had enough of weekend escapades.

I guess it was my a bad choice to visit Serpukhov, which was once a glorious princedom in the 14th century but was later destroyed by neighbouring conquerers and so forth, there isn't anything so glory left (not to the tourists anyways). We took a 2-hour train ride to get there from Kursky Vokzal.

Direct train from Moscow

Serpukhov's emblem is a peacock
They seem to be very proud of this bird

We were going to see the supposedly attractions of Serpukhov.

2 major places namely the Vysotsky Monastery and The Historical And Arts Museum of Serpukhov. They were sooooo.. how do I put it... unwelcoming until I wanted to spit kick their front gates. We hauled our asses to the other end of the town against the windchills blowing from Nara River for some bad experiences.

Vysotsky Monastery is very strict with their religious regulations. First we were questioned the purpose our presence, then I was directed to wear a "skirt" in a small changing room at the entrance. Before we entered a church, I was told to wear a scarf over my head. No camera/video was allowed and the guard tailed us around as though we were up to no good. What the.. pfttttt!

To the left, to the left Vysotsky Monastery

Funny I could laugh about it then

I managed to snap this before I was caught

Whateverlahhh.. and so we left.
Walking outside its walls like free people were more fun.

Ooops.. Nara River is over the slopes of this hill

Outside the walls of the monastery

Candy-coloured dome LOL

There were dogs everywhere and I mean everywhere!

A water pump that really works

The Historical and Arts Museum of Serpukhov was just as anal. It was expensive to add. I don't know what is it with this place or them folks. Anti-foreigners? I definitely wasn't in the mood to take their shit. The employees/museum curators were like "Don't touch this", "Don't go there", "Don't be so near" and followed us closely like our shadows.

Little did we know..

Obligatory condoms for shoes

Paid-to-photograph pin

I should have said, "Fuck you" to their faces.

Turkish had good faith in their actions. He said they house a very rich collection of Russian paintings, priceless items which are uncovered. It was only fair that they kept an eye on our fingers or possible harm which we could condone to their display.

Fine. I give face to my boyfriend.

Even though I liked what I saw, I didn't like it 100% because of the bad chi in the surroundings. Once we were out of that damn pink building, I was free again. We roamed around the forsaken town on foot for a while more before we returned to civilization. I've never been happier.

The dangerous icicles..

I couldn't hold my Peeping Jenny alter ego
Maybe these people predicted my up-to-no-goodness

66km more to Moscow

I needed closure.. *rofl*

So long, suckers Serpukhov! We will not be back!


ZhiHao Chua said...

looks so much like suzdal~ lol

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I've never been to Suzdal! Though we should have when we were in Vladimir... :(